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Now that Kourtney Kardashian is done focusing on worthless men, she can direct her full attention to her number one priority: her three kids.

She took her kids on a precious mini-vacation over the weekend, sharing the pics to prove it.

Unfortunately, some awful mom-shamers got on her case over 4-year-old Reign Disick’s hair length. Ugh.

Reign Disick Does Some Gardening
Photo via Instagram

"A weekend away," Kourtney Kardashian captioned a set of family photos.

Among other things, the set of pics show young Reign Disick enjoying the outdoors.

While most children might lament at wasting a weekend away from home, it looked like a reasonably good time.

Reign is four years old, and will turn five this December.

Unfortunately, a commenter took aim at his appearance.

Photo via Instagram

One commenter decided that this happy young 4-year-old was simply too happy, carefree, and cute.

"She really need to cut his hair," the troll wrote.

Kourtney did not take that hateful suggestion lying down.

"She really need to not worry about kids that aren’t her own," Kourtney fired back.

She emphasized: "He’s a happy boy."

That spawened a thread of people supporting Kourtney and Reign and his great hair and the ever-present haters who did not.

It’s puzzling to think why people would make assertions about a stranger’s hair being "too long," whatever that means.

Ultimately it comes down to our society’s deeply strange concepts of masculinity.

Some people feel that their very existence and worldview is threatened if a man has good hair.

Their insecurities should never be someone else’s problem — particularly if that someone is a child.

Kourtney Kardashian Resting Bish Face
Photo via E!

Real talk? Hair can get too long and become unhealthy.

Kourtney, however, is clearly making sure that Reign’s hair remains healthy and in good condition.

Again, people’s weird hangups about Reign’s hair are both psychological and cultural, not rational.

Fortunately, Reign is lucky enough to have a supportive mother who puts her son’s interests ahead of a rabble of random online strangers.

Photo via Instagram

Kourtney has actually been mom-shamed over her kids a little earlier this year, and it’s not unrelated to this weekend’s outing.

See, she got put on blast for going on "too many family vacations."

To be clear, this wasn’t by people suggesting that she go bone her way through a dozen guys on a singles-only vacay.

Instead, these people demanded that she keep her kids in school where they belong.

Newsflash: The week long vacation that had mom-shamers wailing and gnashing their teeth? That was during spring break.

Photo via E!

As Reign gets older, he may want his hair to be longer or shorter. He may even go back and forth.

We hope that neither the pressures of fame nor the pernicious currents of toxic masculinity in our culture negatively impact his personal style or choices.

Reign may be very young, but he’s a person, and not a doll for creepy weirdos to groom however they see fit.

Good for Kourtney for looking out for Reign and not caving to the controlling and hateful comments of Instagram trolls.

And not that it matters, but Reign’s hair looks great.