Catelynn Lowell: Please, God, Give Me a Son!

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Catelynn Lowell has made no secret that she wants to continue expanding her family.

The mother of three --  who gave her first child up for adoption about a decade ago -- has two little girls at home, a five-year old daughter named Novalee and and a seven-month old daughter named Vaeda.

And now the Teen Mom OG star is here to be very clear about something else along these personal lines...

Catelynn Lowell with Ty


"If I get pregnant again and pink confetti comes out of my gender reveal balloon, I'm knocking the whole food table over! Party over everybody go home," the MTV personality recently posted on Instagram via a meme.

In the caption of the post, she added: “Yep!” with laughing-crying emojis, as well as a shrug.

It's safe to assume Catelynn is mostly joking around here.

But it's also safe to assume there's some truth to this joke and that she'd prefer for her fourth kid to be a boy.

Catelynn Awake

This is actually the same stance Catelynn took last year, too, prior to discovering that Vaeda was a female.

“[We] both want a boy for sure,” Catelynn told Us Weekly in September of 2018, speaking on behalf of herself and her husband, Tyler Baltierra.

In 2015, after daughter Nova’s birth, the new father admitted as much. He said he wanted son two children ago!

“When I found out I was having a girl, and not a boy, my first thought was, ‘Damnit.’ I really wanted a boy so bad,” he confessed four-plus years ago.

Fortunately, Tyler and Catelynn both came around and, it ought to go without saying, absolutely adore their daughters.

“Now that she’s here, I can’t even picture not having a girl. It’s weird, but I was pissed at first," Tyler said back in the day.

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Overall, of course, Catelynn and Tyler are just thankful to have their healthy kids and to be in a stable marriage.

Catelynn suffered a miscarriage just a few months before getting pregnant with Vaeda and has also spent time in rehab for mental health issues.

Despite needing the occasional time to himself, however, Tyler had stood strongly by his wife's side.

The two have been together since middle school and really do represent #RelationshipGoals in every way possible.

Tyler, Catelynn and Kids

The only question remaining now is when they'll try again for another child.

Both reality stars seem not just open to the idea -- but excited by it.

“Tyler and I both want a boy, so we’re definitely gonna try again,” Catelynn said in January. “I think we’re just gonna go right for No. 4 right after this one’s born. …

"We wanna be done before we’re 30, you know?”

Catelynn reiterated this hope just last month, jokiningly asking Tyler to put a baby in her in a cute social media video.

As mentioned above, however, Lowell wasn't really joking we don't think.

We wouldn't be shocked if these two were having unprotected sex right at this very moment.

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