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Last month, Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel wrapped up their custody war with more or less of a draw.

That may change, however, and not just because of Thomas’ guilty plea to assault and battery.

Kathryn has new evidence that the court may want to consider, starting with a video of Thomas doing drugs.

Thomas Ravenel on Charm

According to court documents obtained by The Daily Mail, Thomas Ravenel may be in hot water with Charleston family court.

In a new video submitted to the court, he appears to be taking hallucinogenic mushrooms at a party.

"I’ve never tried this in my life," Thomas says in the reported video.

He takes out a baggie, filled with what are implied to be psychotropic fungi.

"Just one," he then says. "Just one."

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"You’re gonna do that right now?" a woman’s incredulous voice can be heard saying.

"Thomas, no!" the wise voice admonishes. "No, you’re, like, gonna geek out right now!"

If one were to partake in hallucinogens, particularly those they have never taken before, they would want to do so with a sober babysitter to make sure that they do not have a bad reaction.

Experimenting with drugs in a crowd can be … dangerous. Even if you don’t have a health crisis, you might strip off your clothes or soil yourself.

"I wouldn’t want to do it," the woman advises him. "I don’t want to hallucinate."

As someone who once had an allergic reaction that plagued him with days of hallucinations, I’d have to agree.

Thomas Ravenel on Southern Charm

Thomas, however, sounded indifferent over the potential use of the alleged substance during the video.

"It’s just mushrooms," he tells the woman dismissively.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that Thomas and "magic mushrooms" have come up recently.

In an affidavit, Thomas was accused of having advised a friend that said fungus, despite its properties, will not show up in urine tests.

Kathryn was clearly concerned that Thomas might find ways to bypass court-ordered urine tests designed to keep Kensie and Saint safe.

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Kathryn’s affidavit also accused Thomas of having sent her a video in which he calls his child by the wrong name and slurs his words.

The implication is that he must have been under the influence, in defiance of court orders.

"The time that we had a pool party," Kathryn recalls of their personal history.

"And," she narrates. "Thomas was so drunk while holding Kensie that he fell into the pool with her as a baby."

Kathryn continues: "and I had to jump in to grab Kensie:"

Thomas Ravenel at the Reunion

She also cites "the Christmas where Thomas flew into a range [sic] and threw the Christmas tree that I had decorated across the room.” 

“The time he put my fake fur coat in a tub full of water…" Kathryn recalls.

She makes reference to "the time he threw a lamp at me and glass shattered everywhere;"

"And," Kathryn’s written recollection mentions. "The time he threw an astray [sic] in my face."

These are horrifying accusations, and it seems that Kathryn wishes to connect Thomas’ alleged drug use with his abhorrent behavior.

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There is another disgusting incident mentioned in court documents.

"And the time …when he masturbated on my back while I was asleep," Kathryn writes.

She says that he did this "because he was mad at me for rejecting his advances for sex (because I was exhausted and pregnant)."

"I also discovered that he had been watching muscleman porn that night," she concludes.

For the record, I don’t know exactly what muscleman porn is even after looking it up (yes, I put that in my search history; I’m so brave).

The important part of that accusation is ejaculating upon someone without her consent in order to feel in control and powerful.

Kathryn is concerned that Thomas is up to his old tricks and violating the custody terms. Will the court agree?