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For those who celebrate and even for many who do not, Christmas is a time to be with your family.

The Duggars place a lot of importance on being with family and on their religious beliefs, so this is a major holiday for them.

So why, fans wonder, did Jinger and her precious baby spend the most wonderful time of the year as far from her family as she could get?

Jinger Duggar at Christmas
Photo via Instagram

When we say "her family," of course, we mean from the Duggars.

Jinger Duggar did not spend Christmas with Jim Bob, Michelle, or any of her siblings or niblings.

She was, however, with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their baby, Felicity.

This small but growing family didn’t spend the holidays by themselves, either.

Instead, Jinger and Jeremy brought Felicity up north to see Jeremy’s family.

Jeremy Vuolo and Felicity in the airport

In a series of glimpses in Instagram photos and in Instagram Stories, Jinger and Jeremy revealed their family adventure.

They traveled from Laredo, Texas all the way to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Needless to say, that is not a short trip. And having a baby with you would make it seem even longer.

The good news is that it sounds like Felicity slept for a good portion of the plane ride.

Jinger took in and appreciated the rural landscape on the way to the Vuolo grandparents’ house.

But the long trip was worth the wait.

Felicity Vuolo With (Paternal) Grandmother
Photo via Instagram

Jinger captioned this photo: "Grandma time!"

Felicity is in the arms of her paternal grandmother.

(Quick note, and maybe I’m alone in this, but Mrs. Vuolo does not look old enough to be a grandmother)

Jinger and Jeremy didn’t try to hide that they shared the best photos, and worked overtime to get baby Felicity to smile.

That’s very normal for any parents.

Felicity was also enamored with another member of the family.

Felicity Vuolo, Jeremy Vuolo, and Auntie Val
Photo via Instagram

Here we see Felicity in the arms of her father.

Beside them stands Auntie Val — Jeremy’s sister.

Little Felicity is young enough that she probably won’t consciously remember much, if any, of this visit.

But that does not mean that this is not important.

Every new, positive experience broadens a child’s mind and helps a baby’s developing cognition.

And these are Felicity’s family — people she’ll know for all of her life.

It’s important for her to start developing a relationship with them now, even if it’s only to hear the sound of their voice.

Felicity Vuolo on Christmas, 2018
Photo via Instagram

Felicity will have no shortage of opportunities to bond with her ever-growing wealth of Duggar cousins.

But as much as fans may think of Jinger as a Duggar daughter, Felicity is half Vuolo.

Spending time with Jeremy’s family makes a lot of sense.

We imagine that Jim Bob and Michelle don’t mind, either.

After all, Jim Bob is the one who believes that his daughters are essentially property to be given away to worthy suitors.

In his worldview, it makes sense for Jinger to go with her husband on a Christmas trip.

As for the Vuolos, they were just happy to see their precious little grandbaby. Who wouldn’t be?