Laura Jallali: 90 Day Fiance Star Pregnant at 51!

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Back in July, it looked like Aladin had dumped Laura over the "humiliation" of seeing the infamous vibrator incident play out on television.

Weeks later, Laura even seemed to confirm the split, though she pointed her finger at a different cause.

Now, she's claiming that they're sitll very much together ... and announcing to fans that she is pregnant at 51!

Laura and Aladin at the Beach

Laura may have been purged from Aladin's Instagram this summer, but she shared this pic of her having summer fun with her hunky husband.

"Ok thirsty women and you all say we are divorced!" Laura's caption begins.

(She also does that weird thing where exclamation points are spaced out away from the sentence, which is odd from a native English speaker)

"We are not divorced," she insists. "We are together."

"And," Laura writes, the two of them "love each other very very much!"

Aladin Jallali

Wait, so why did her husband delete all traces of her from his Instagram back in July?

"Aladdin removed my pics," Laura explains. "Because he got sick and tired of you all putting me down."

"I'm so sorry thirsty women but aladdin is my husband ..." she writes.

29-year-old Aladin is almost comically attractive, something that Laura clearly appreciated. She's not alone.

"I love him," Laura proclaims, and "he loves me."

Laura and Aladin pregnancy announcement? on IG

Laura understands better than anyone how attracted so many women are to Aladin, but she doesn't feel sorry for the others.

"So get over it already," she demands.

She asks Aladin's admirers to "let us enjoy our life."

That's a fair request.

Then, almost as an afterthought, Laura stuns the world with her announcement: "Btw we have a muffin in the oven!"

Laura Wins at Bingo

Unless Laura is referring to literal baking, she's telling the world that she's pregnant.

That is some incredible and frankly shocking news.

Fertility experts say that the odds of a woman over 50 becoming pregnant by natural means are about 1%.

Yes, even if she's doing a lot of jiggy-jiggy.

But while her age (51) is the average age for menopause, sometimes, "the change" waits until after someone is 60.

It's possible ... but a pregnancy at her age would be dangerous.

Laura and Aladin Try on Hats

But ... do we believe what Laura has to say?

It was only a month ago that Laura accused Aladin of cheating on her when she lost her cool in some comments.

Then there was the recent report -- from multiple bloggers who keep tabs on 90 Day Fiance -- that Aladin hit on Avery in texts during the Tell All filming.

While we are by no means accusing Laura of lying, we have to ask ourselves if this is some sort of deliberate misinformation.

After all, the stars aren't actually supposed to reveal their relationship status online -- that spoils the ending for viewers.

Is she sending "mixed signals" to fans in order to be a good reality star?

Aladin Jallali at the gym

We don't -- and can't -- know the truth just yet.

However, we should note that Laura issued a clarification that leaves fans with more questions than answers.

From day one, Aladin's name has been reported as just that -- Aladin.

Meanwhile, Laura spells his name Aladdin in multiple social media posts.

Under this same, apparent pregnancy announcement post (or prank), she responded to a fan's confusion.

"Its actually Aladdine but he prefers just Aladdin," Laura writes. "And yes 2 dd's."

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