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Viewers of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way have already gotten to meet Laura and Aladin. They’re a fan-favorite couple.

That may change after fans see this clip, however.

When Laura pulls out a sex toy to help Aladin meet her needs, he takes it the wrong way — and the results are hostile and ugly.

Laura is an older woman from Florida who has uprooted her entire life to marry a young, hunky man in Qatar. Did she make a mistake?

"Our first night together, it’s very nice," Aladin tells the cameras.

"You know," he continues. "After six months and … jiggy jiggy."

"Just take a shower and then we take rest, and then we sleep," Aladin says, trying to skip past the topic with the producers.

This is when Laura reveals: "It was done in two minutes." Oops.

"No, she say ‘come on,’” Aladin says with a laugh.

“Yeah," Laura chimes in with very different meaning. "That’s what she did say."

"Aladin and I have this amazing chemistry together," Laura then confesses to the camera.

"But for some reason, in the bedroom," she laments. "He’s just not rocking my world, like I thought he would."

Looks aren’t everything.

"So just before coming to Qatar," Laura reveals. "I got something that  I think could really spice things up."

We did enjoy the scenes of her shopping in a sex toy store to prepare to make this journey.

"Do you know what this is?" she asks Aladin, pulling out what is clearly a vibrator.

"Like microphone?" Aladin asks. 

"Well, it’s a little bit like a microphone,” Laura says kindly. “You’ve never seen one of these before?"

"Sex toy,” Laura explains. “That’s jiggy jiggy. Really."

Unfortunately, this is when Aladin’s personal demeanor changes for the worse.

"What the f–k? F–k you. Are you for real?" Aladin demands. "You know I will throw this one."

"That’s to spice things up in the bedroom," Laura tries to explain.

"Why, do you need this?" Aladin challenges her.

Some people like to have orgasms of their own, Aladin.

"In America lots of ladies have those things," Laura calmly explains.

"I am not in America,” Aladin points out.. “So don’t tell me, ‘in America, in America.’ You are not in America."

"I am just saying, honey, it is not that uncommon," she continues. 

"Maybe I don’t know the mans there, they not enough for you,” Aladin says. “But here, you are okay. Don’t worry."

This is where it becomes clear that he feels like sex toys are somehow a threat to his masculinity. Ugh.

In a huff, Aladin begins to dress and says that he needs to step outside.

"Don’t be like that," Laura pleads with him.

"It’s bulls–t, honey, you know this?” Aladin whines.

“No okay, not okay," he continues. "You think it’s okay, everything is okay for you."

Aladin then continues to express his frustration to the cameras, saying: "I feel like disrespect when she give me this."