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What happened on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way looked like a cute moment, if a little dramatic.

Laura whipped out a vibrator and Aladin freaked out. A funny reminder of cultural differences that could easily be overcome, right?

But maybe not. After the episode aired, Aladin purged all mention of Laura from his social media. Did that episode end their marriage?

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"Jiggy-jiggy" is all fun and games until somebody gets a dose of reality.

Producers for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way asked Laura and Aladin how their first night together as a married couple went.

Aladin clearly had no complaints, though he was a little bashful about the details.

Laura, in the mean time, is an older woman and she knows what she wants to get out of life.

She revealed to the camera that it was over in just two minutes. Her disappointment in her young, hot husband was palpable.

So the following night, Laura decided that it was time to surprise Aladin with one of the toys that she had wisely brought with her to Qatar.

See, before she left the US, she purchased a number of sex toys that she figured would be necessary.

Laura, it turns out, figured correctly.

She pulled out a vibrator and asked Aladin if he knew what it was.

Aladin seemed confused, and asked if it was perhaps some sort of microphone.

When Laura explained what it was, however, Aladin’s move quickly changed for the worse.

He was transparently offended, and acted under the mistaken belief that this was some sort of affront to his masculinity or sexual prowess.

He threatened to throw away the vibrator and then departed in a huff to go for a walk to cool off.

Laura was clearly shocked by his juvenile, petulant response to what should have been a sexy, educational conversation.

Unfortunately, it looks like their troubles had only just begun.

Maybe Aladin hadn’t heard all that was said during the episode.

Maybe he was mistakenly operating under the assumption that some of the conversations on camera would not be aired.

Either way, it looks like he was not prepared for when the episode featuring the vibrator incident aired.

After the episode aired, Aladin purged every single photo and video that included Laura, wiping her from his Instagram.

The only trace of her was a moment in a highlight reel. And that’s not all. …

Aladin also shared a message to his Instagram Stories.

"You can’t force someone to respect you," the text-based message begins.

The Story continues: "But you can refuse to be disrespected."

Clearly, whether it’s an issue of personal immaturity or cultural misunderstanding (or both), Aladin felt disrespected.

However he felt about the original incident, seeing it play out on screen made his feelings even more strongly negative.

Aladin Jallali at the gym

It sounds like Laura’s suggestion that they include sex toys in their "jiggy-jiggy" time made him feel like she had dismissed him as a lover.

That’s not true, of course. Laura has every right to want to have orgasms of her own.

Now … is their marriage over?

We don’t know for sure, but it’s worth remembering that Aladin and Laura have had arguments and blocked each other on Instagram before.

Maybe this is just another spat. Or maybe Laura is headed back to America with her tail between her legs, where at least she can orgasm in peace.