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It’s possible that no royal in modern history has inspired such a sharp division in public opinion as Meghan Markle.

(Although we guess that depends on how you define "modern history." Edward VIII received a mixed reaction from the peasantry when he abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson — but you didn’t come to The Hollywood Gossip for a freakin’ history lesson!)

Meghan Markle Says Yo

The point is, Meghan has millions of devoted fans — but an almost equal number of rabid haters.

The main issue is that Meghan is black, and racism is alive and well in both the US and the UK.

But adding to her image problem is the smear campaign spearheaded by Meghan’s wicked half-sister, Samantha Markle.

It’s impossible to say if Samantha is motivated by bigotry or just plain old jealousy, but she’s fully evil, so it’s entirely possible that both forces factor in. 

At a Parade

Sam’s main argument is that Meghan is a hyper-ambitious social climber — as though it’s possible to marry into the world’s most famous family without possessing those traits.

Sadly, the worst people in the world recognize a kindred spirit in Samantha, which is why they’ve taken her batsh-t words to heart.

We can’t stress enough that most of the Meg hate is just thinly-veiled racism, but it often takes the guise of concern about her background.

After all, she’s not only an American ("too American!" some have nonsensically argued), but an actress as well.

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Just like that evil Wallis Simpson!

Surely, the Meg-hating nutjobs argue, she’s not actually in love with the handsome prince that she married, but is instead using him so that she can … live a fishbowl existence in which her every move is scrutinized beyond belief?

Yeah, that’s kinda where the argument falls apart.

Anyway, before she landed the role of Rachel Zane on Suits, Meghan was "briefcase girl" on the popular game show Deal Or No Deal.

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And these days, even the show’s former host, Howie Mandel, is commenting on the insane allegations about her motives for marrying Harry.

Fortunately, Mandel recognizes the insanity of the situation:

“No, I don’t think she’ll ever [return to acting],” Howie told Us Weekly when the tabloid caught up with him at the America’s Got Talent finale taping this week.

“Well, she’ll be seen on television, because she’s a duchess.” 


“But that was her plan,” Mandel jokingly continued.

“I used to say to her, ‘Meghan, open the case.’ And she used to say, ‘Not now, I’m doing some work on becoming a duchess.’ It was the master plan, so I don’t think she’ll come back for us.”

The dude couldn’t be any more obviously joking — but don’t be surprised if Sammy and her cretinous followers run with that quote.

Pretty much everyone who worked with Meghan in her Hollywood days has nothing but good things to say about the Duchess of Sussex, including Suits producer Aaron Korsh, who gushed about Archie’s mum in a recent interview:

Meghan Markle Happy
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“Meghan is who she is. She’s a grown woman. She’s not in her 20s. I think she’s a fully formed woman,” Korsh said when asked about Meg’s ability to cope with the pressures of royal life

“I’m sure that being in that position I’m sure would have some long-term changes but she’s the same.

"I’m going to guess that she’s pretty much the same person she always was and adapting very nicely to the challenges … If you can handle yourself in Hollywood, you can handle yourself.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.