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If you’ve been keeping up with the increasingly bizarre saga of rapper Tekashi69 — real name, Daniel Hernandez — you know the face-tatted rapper will soon present a considerable challenge to the fine folks at the Witness Protection Program.

It all started back in November, when Tekashi was arrested for a list of crimes that seemed likely to put him behiund bars for the rest of his natural life.


Fortunately for Hernandez, he had a plan to escape that unpleasant fate — snitching.

And while his hip hop career may have been a disappointment, Tekashi has since proven himself to be the Jay Z of naming names.

All this week, Tekashi has been testifying in the trial of Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack and Anthony "Harv" Ellison, who, like him, are alleged former memers of the Nine Trey Bloods.

Hernandez says he met Mack, Ellison and other members of the Nine Treys on the set of his first music video.

Tekashi69 Image

Apparently, he had the idea of making the clip for "Gummo" a gang-themed production, and within a few months, he was living the life himself as a full-fledged member of the gang.

Or at least that’s what the Nine Treys told him.

Over the course of his time with the gang, Hernandez shelled out more than $85,000 in protection money — but what he really needed protection from was his own security detail.

Eventually, the Nine Treys kidnapped Tekashi, pistol-whipped him, and robbed him of jewelery worth more than $50,000.

Tekashi 69

We guess it’s not surprising that he’s eager to squeal now that he’s facing life in prison as a result of his involvement with the gang.

Tekashi has mentioned several other rappers during his time on the stand — identifying Jim Jones as a fellow Nine Trey and admitting to putting out a hit on rival Chief Keef.

But no of his industry insider talk has garnered more attention than the claims he made yesterday abotu Cardi B.

Tekashi claims that Cardi is also a Nine Trey, who — like him — used the gang as protection and enforcement early in her career.

Cardi B Listens Intently
(Entertainment Tonight)

“I knew who she was," he said when prosecutors asked about Cardi’s alleged gang activity. "I didn’t pay attention.”

Cardi has admitted in the past to involvement with the Bloods:

“I used to pop off with my homies. And they’d say, ‘Yo, you really get it poppin’. You should come home. You should turn Blood,’" she told GQ last year.

"And I did. Yes, I did. And something that — it’s not like, oh, you leave. You don’t leave."

Cardi B Mid-Rant

But apparently, she draws the line at being lumped in with the ultra-violent Nine Treys.

“You just said it yourself… Brin not 9 Trey," Cardi tweeted on Thursday after catching wind of Tekashi’s allegations.

"I never been 9 Trey or associated with them.”

So his testimony against Cardi might not help Hernandez secure a lighter sentence — but he’s succeeded in making one more enemy on the outside.