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It was either Shakespeare or early ’90s one-hit-wonder Roxette who said, "It must have been love … but it’s over now."

Whoever coined the phrase, they might as well have had Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron in mind.

Tyler Cameron Gets Dumped

If things had played out just slightly differently, these two might have been picking out baby names at this moment.

Instead, Tyler is dating Gigi Hadid, and the only person Hannah is paired off with these days is her partner on Dancing With the Stars.

Yes, despite botching her season of The Bachelorette about as badly as anyone could imagine, Hannah has joined the cast of DWTS, for the show’s 28th season, and is thus, still in the spotlight for the time being.

And probably much to her chagrin, the media still wants to know exactly why she and Tyler aren’t together — as well as how she feels about her split.

Hannah Brown Promo Pic
Photo via ABC

Well, say what you will about Hannah (frankly, she deserves a bit of criticism for keeping Luke P. in our lives so long). the woman is nothing if not an open book.

So when asked about her non-relationship with Tyler again this week, Ms. Beast Mode told Entertainment Tonight the same thing she’s been telling every other outlet:

She wanted the relationship to happen, but it didn’t — and she bears Tyler no ill will.

Hell, Hannah is so blunt about this situation that she’s even revealed the contents of her final text message to Cameron!

Angry Hannah Brown
Photo via ABC

"I sent him a message when his dad was sick, but not anything else than that," she shared while speaking with ET this week.

"I wish him well," Hannah added. 

As you may recall, Hannah asked Tyler out on a date after wisely kicking Jed Wyatt to the curb.

She says they did meet up for a drink after her taping her reunion show — but they ultimately decided not to pursue a relationship.

Tyler Cameron on the Finale
Photo via ABC

"I think we were both single and it is his decision to do whatever makes him happy and so I want my own happiness," Brown told ET on Wednesday. "I’m moving forward." 

Asked if she thinks Cameron joined the cast of The Bachelorette just to attain fame, Hannah said:

"I don’t know. I think that he is a good guy and has a good heart." 

Hey, even if he did, at least he was less obvious about it than Jed!