Andrew Glennon Gushes Over Baby James Amid Amber Portwood Scandal

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We wished that we could be shocked, but Amber Portwood has not been fired by MTV. But her troubles aren't over, yet.

As she reels from the scandal after fans heard Andrew Glennon's harrowing audio of her abuse, Andrew's priorities lie elsewhere.

He's doting on his precious son, James, and gushing over his little boy on social media. Fans are eating it up.

Andrew Glennon with Baby James

Andrew Glennon took to Instagram to sharea  pair of fun, adoring photos of him and baby James.

"The Bubbs. :)" James begins his sweet caption, including a smiley face emoticon.

He praises his baby boy as the "most curious and loving man I know."

A curious baby is a very good sign about his intelligence and development!

"Able to reverse engineer anything," Andrew announces. "And leave it a mess in a single bound."

Andrew Glennon Beams at Baby James

Andrew wasn't the only one handing out compliments and praise.

One follower congratulated him for remaining steadfast in the face of horror, abuse, and uncertainty.

"I admire you for your ability to stand up against how you’ve been treated," the comment begins.

"You’re teaching your son very important lessons," the fan praises.

"And," the follower concludes. "I know he will grow up to see you as his hero. Good job daddy!"

In this day and age, "daddy" is probably not what you want to call a man on the internet unless you really, really mean it.

James Glennon

"Such a great papa!" cheers another follower.

That same fan continues: "Great to see a beautiful baby with a even better single dad!"

"Your (sic) doing a great job raising James," praises another.

The comment suggests: "just dont let him forget about his sister Leah."

The follower advises: "keep in contact with her and her parents Gary and Kristina, she seems to love him dearly"

Andrew Glennon with James

That last followr's advise was so good and well-intentioned that Andrew responded.

"Spoke with Gary," Andrew announced.

"And planning a baby James visit with him, Kristina, Emmy, and Leah soon," he revealed.

Andrew adds: "Just need to pick a day."

Oh, that is both wonderful and exciting.

Andrew Hugs James

Amber does not have custody of Leah, of course.

As fans are hopeful that James will similarly be protected by the time that this ugly business is over, it's good to remember that they're siblings.

Different dads does not make James and Leah non-siblings. They're just half-siblings -- which is emotionally the same as siblings, folks.

And the fact that the person they have in common happens to be a truly terrible mother also does not matter.

James and Leah should be in each other's lives, and it's wonderful that both Gary and Andrew are taking the steps to ensure that.

Amber, James, and Andrew

Despite the evidence that suggests that Amber was verbally and physically abusive towards Andrew, some fans have stood by her.

These fans tend to make arguments along the lines of how Andrew must have manipulated her to get her to behave that way.

That sounds awfully close to cries of "she shouldn't have made me mad" that countless of abusers have used as an excuse.

Folks, no amount of "manipulation," even if it were real, could excuse domestic violence.

We hope that Amber's children continue to remain safe from the toxic environment that follows her wherever she goes.

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