Andrew Glennon: OF COURSE I Didn't Manipulate Amber Portwood! Come On, People!

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For the past decade, we've watched Amber Portwood on MTV, from 16 & Pregnant to Teen Mom and its current iteration Teen Mom OG.

Honestly, she really hasn't changed that much.

She said ridiculously awful things to the people in her life then, and we've heard her do the same now - if anything, she's gotten worse.

But somehow, some way, there are Teen Mom fans who feel the need to defend Amber in the wake of her domestic violence arrest.

And Andrew Glennon - the father of her son James and the victim of her now-infamous tirades this summer - is not having it.

Here's what he has to say.

1. The Arrest

The Arrest
Before July 5th, a lot of people thought that Amber's relationship with Andrew was going OK. But then she got arrested for chasing him with a machete, and then people didn't think that anymore.

2. So Crazy

So Crazy
You've probably heard this story a billion times right now, but just in case you haven't here we go -- according to Andrew, Amber got upset because road work prevented them from getting to a fireworks display the evening before, and she went on a rampage for hours and hours.

3. Wow

She beat him with a shoe -- she admitted to that part, and police have photos of the bruises and scratches on his neck -- and threatened to kill herself. She even allegedly took a handful of pills, but threw them back up when Andrew threatened to call 911.

4. Amber, No

Amber, No
But things got even worse later, when she got so angry that she grabbed a machete she kept by her bed (we later learned that the machete is just one of the many, many weapons she keeps in her bedroom) and chased Andrew, who was holding baby James, into another room. Andrew held the door closed with his foot while he texted 911 to let them know that he felt his life and his son's life were in danger.

5. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
Amber was arrested and ultimately charged with three felonies -- two counts of domestic violence and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon.

6. Yay, Andrew

Yay, Andrew
Andrew also filed for custody of James. As of now, he's got it, with Amber only having supervised visitation occasionally.

7. Poor James

Poor James
It seems like he's doing everything in his power to protect James, and after learning more and more about what his relationship with Amber was really like, we can definitely understand why.

8. Not a Good Girlfriend

Not a Good Girlfriend
Andrew has said that Amber verbally and physically assaulted him for a whole year before she was arrested -- he even said that she was rough with James a few times for doing normal baby stuff.

9. Heartbreaking

Andrew has even claimed that she threatened to kill James twice, and that he felt like if police hadn't arrived in time on that night in July, he believed that she truly could have killed them.

10. Of Course

Of Course
And then there are the recordings that have been trickling out ... you know the ones.

11. Gross

In the first one, Amber calls Andrew horrible name after horrible name -- she was apparently very upset that Andrew had woken her up at 2:00 in the afternoon. She refused to "watch" her own son for him, and she even referred to baby James as "it."

12. Ridiculous

She threatened to kill Andrew, and she admitted to destroying one of their security cameras with a sword -- one of her many blades, remember?

13. So Sad

So Sad
The second recording, festively recorded last Christmas Eve, featured Amber ranting about how she didn't want to have James, and that Andrew tricked her into getting pregnant.

14. Horrifying

She called him more awful names, threatened to kill him again, and in this recording, we can even hear her hitting him.

15. Yikes

In the third recording, the last one to be released, Amber and Andrew argued because she punched him in the face for being too cautious on the drive to Leah's elementary school. She mocked him terribly for being upset over that, and she told him that he deserved it and that there would be more to come.

16. The Worst

The Worst
So yeah, all of this is just super, super awful, right? But still, not that surprising, considering the fact that we've heard Amber talk to all of her boyfriends like this for years. We even saw her beat Gary Shirley back in the day on Teen Mom

17. Wild

But for some reason, there are people out there who feel like Amber simply couldn't have behaved this way. Andrew must have provoked her in some way, or he must have edited those recordings to make her sound bad, right?

18. Nope

Wrong. That's called victim-blaming and it's an awful thing to do, especially when we have so, so much evidence that Amber behaves exactly like this with her boyfriends.

19. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
But still, people are doing it ... and now Andrew has something to say about it.

20. Sigh

Over on one of his recent Instagram post, where he's been making many statements about everything, someone commented "I really am hoping you didn’t cause her to blow up then start recording."

21. Fair

"No," he answered. "If I did, I didn’t see the tripwire."

22. Moving Forward

Moving Forward
When someone sympathized with him over how things have been playing out, he wrote "It’s been... real... and very raw. Downright terrible actually, but this beautiful boy deserves the most opportunities for a life of happiness and success, and that is what he will get!"

23. Accountability

And when someone simply told him that they believed him, he replied "Beyond believing, though I appreciate your support, there must be accountability for the damage done. Without ownership and understanding of one’s actions we are still primates acting within the confines of a reptilian mindset."

24. What About Leah?

What About Leah?
On a happier note, when one of his followers told him he should keep James in touch with his big sister, Leah, he said "Spoke with Gary and planning a baby James visit with him, Kristina, Emmy, and Leah soon. Just need to pick a day."

25. What Else?

What Else?
In another comment -- he replied to several comments -- Andrew wrote "It’s insane, I truly wish I could show you guys the extent of it all, it be too ugly, you’d turn it off after 5 seconds..."

26. Damage

"I became numb to the attacks for sake of survival and only now are the pent up emotions and pain coming to the surface. I had no idea. I didn’t know there was such damage and I don’t know if she was aware of how much she was hurting me."

27. Poor Guy

Poor Guy
What he's saying there especially makes sense, and it's pretty clear that's what's happening -- that he held his emotions about what was happening inside for so long, and now they're spilling out.

28. Disgusting

Unfortunately, since Amber was on the Teen Mom OG reunion making fun of Andrew for texting 911 and calling his story "insane," we doubt she cares too much about the damage she may have done.

29. What Next?

What Next?
With all the evidence against Amber -- the recordings, the photos the police took that night, the video that Andrew's said was taken on the security cameras, the fact that she's already been convicted of domestic violence, etc. -- there seems to be a decent chance that he'll win custody of James.

30. So Silly

So Silly
And while many people believe his story, thanks in large part to that great big pile of evidence, there's still the chance that Amber won't be held as accountable as he'd like her to be for her attacks against him.

31. Come On, Teen Mom

Come On, Teen Mom
But hey, sure glad she got to keep her job, huh?

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