Farrah Abraham Squashes Jenelle Evans Feud: Do We Smell a Spinoff?

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Farrah Abraham is not one to withhold her opinion.

Just consider what the disgraced ex-Teen Mom star recently had to say about Cheyenne Floyd.

However, in a new interview with TMZ, Abraham makes it apparent that is one to change an opinion -- and that's exactly what she has done in regard to fellow disgraced ex-Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans.

farrah vs. jenelle

Back in July, Farrah took aim at Jenelle shortly after Evans regained custody of her children.

They had been taken away by the authorities after David Eason shot and murdered the family's dog and Child Protection Services determined that Evans and Eason were raising their kids in a dangerous environment.

What did Farrah think of this entire situation?

She referred to Jenelle as a "failure" of a "mother" and said this summer that she should dump Eason... for the sake of her kids.

"That's not a publicity stunt to kill an animal, and she should not be with a man who’s like that," Farrah said at the time, adding of Evans:

"And for her to choose a horrible man over her kids, she’s a failure as a mom...

"I don’t think any woman who chooses a man and abuse over her children is in the right state of mind to have kids."

Farrah In Venice

Pretty harsh assessment, huh?

As you might expect, Evans fired back hard at Farrah, making it appear as if these two would be sniping at each other for months and years to come.

Apparently not, however.

Speaking to TMZ over the weekend, Abraham said she has no issues at all any longer with Evans... and made it sound like the hatchet had been buried on both sides.

"I think Jenelle just recognizes that others have concerns for her and her kids," Farrah explained.

Jenelle's Big Night

Abraham made this comment after attending the fired Teen Mom 2 star's JE Cosmetics launch last week during New York Fashion Week.

It's unclear if she actually spoke to Jenelle at the event, however.

"We actually never reached out to one another," Farrah told TMZ, continuing as follows:

"If I'm invited to something of hers, I show my support.

"But I think we understand the hardships of motherhood, and she's doing great.

"Honestly I stay focused, I wish her all the best with her eyebrow kit and her makeup line, and that's just where we're staying focused."

Jenelle and David Launch Party

Back in July, Farrah accused Evans of choosing a "bad relationship" over her kids, really pouring it on via a scathing critique.

"I feel really awful for her kids for that.

"I do wish Jenelle all the best, but again, she’s making all the wrong choices. Like, she shouldn’t stand with a man who shoots dogs …

"I think everybody on the earth would not stay with David.

"A woman of value would not stay with a man who’s like that. So, I’m teaching my daughter better and we’re living our lives."

Farrah and Sophia Pic

What has changed between then and now?

Nothing, as far as we can tell. Eason is clearly as violent and as dangerous as ever.

So... why would Farrah make this sort of peace offering?

And why would she do it just as she also discussed a return to Teen Mom (which you can read about below)?

What if -- bear with us now and try not to lose your lunch as you do -- Farrah is angling for a spinoff here with Jenelle?

What if these twoo fired reality stars are planning to team up and go up against the show that gave them both their walking papers?

It's not the craziest notion ever -- and, let's be honest, you'd tune in, wouldn't you?

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