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You’ve heard of the power of the dollar — now behold the power of 50 Cent.

As you may have heard, social media users were captivated over the weekend by a surprising feud that pitted the rapper against Lala Kent of Vanderpump Rules fame.

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Basically, Lala was caught in the middle of a more serious beef, as it seems that 50’s intended target was her fiance, Randall Emmett.

Emmett owed 50 a million dollars for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.

Randall is a producer on 50’s Starz series Power, and it seems that he may have borrowed the sum from Mr. Cent.

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But wait, isn’t this the same Hollywood mogul who keeps Lala in Gucci slides and private jets?

Yeah … it’s beginning to look like 50 isn’t the only one that Rand tried to hustle.

Fif’s chosen method of shaming Emmett into paying him back was to highlight some of the many, many (many) times that Lala boasted about her man’s wealth and the absurd ways that he pampers her during her scenes on Vanderpump.

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This caused Ambyr Childers’ — Rand’s first wife and the mother of his children, who he divorced in order to get with Lala — to pile on and echo 50’s sentiments.

And it’s looking like it was all a bit much for Lala, who has reportedly called off her engagement with Randall.

Kent has yet to publicly confirm that she’s broken things off with Emmett, but she has deleted all photos of her apparent ex from her Instagram page.

There are numerous theories as to why Lala might have suddenly called off the wedding, but they all concur that Randall’s beef with 50 played a role in the decision.

Randall Emmett, Ambyr Childers

Some say all the negative publicity (the feud was trending on Twitter all weekend and stars like Chrissy Teigen sounded off) was simply too much for the anxiety-prone Lala to handle.

Others say 50 opened her eyes to the fact that Emmett is not nearly as rich and powerful as he’d led her to believe.

In addition to the fact that Emmett apparently struggled to pay back a loan from a former friend, the texts Randall sent to 50 — which the rapper then posted on Instagram — certainly don’t sound like they were composed by a film industry power broker:

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To her credit, from the start of her relationship with Emmett, Lala was upfront about the fact that his wealth was the primary reason she was willing to give him the time of day.

Now, that he’s been exposed as … well, somewhat less wealthy than he initially portrayed, it’s not surprising that Kent might choose to move on.

It’s a sad situation — hell, we doubt even 50 wanted to devastate Randall to this extent.

Of course, the worst part is that James Kennedy is probably loving every minute of it, and anything that makes him happy is objectively a bad thing.