Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Reunite with Adopted Daughter, Break All the Way Down

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The season finale of Teen Mom OG featured one mother in jail this week and one mother in tears.

We've already covered the troubling scenario of Amber Portwood being tossed in jail after allegedly attacking Andrew Glennon in early July.

So now we're here to focus instead on Catelynn Lowell, her husband Tyler and all they went through on Monday night's emotional episode.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell Cry

On this moving installment, Catelynn and Tyler were moved to tears after reuniting with their daughter, Carly, who the reality stars gave up for adoption back when they were teenagers because they weren't prepared to be parents at the time.

(Since then, the couple has welcomed a pair of daughter, four-year old Novalee and tiny little Vaeda.)

While MTV cameras weren't rolling during the family reunion -- which was organized with assistance from the couple's adoption counselor --viewers were still able to glean a glimpse into how special the trip was for all involved.

"Everything was smooth," Tyler said to his wife. "Nova is older now so they're able to really play. They just clicked."

Catelynn and Tyler, Family of Four

Added Catelynn on air:

"When you see all of your biological children together -- playing and mannerisms and walking the same -- it's just different.

During their second visit, Carly's birth parents arrived a little bit late (more on this below) because they were finishing up a personal scrapbook they had made her, filled with memories.

They also enjoyed a visit to the local zoo.

At another point, Tyler took note of Carly being comforted by Carly's adopted parents, whose names have never been released out of respect for their privacy.

"I want to comfort her," Tyler said through tears. "Every time we see her, she's a totally different kid. We got some beautiful girls, don't we? They're gorgeous."

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!

Continued Tyler:

"It's never going to be easy to go see everyone and say hello and hang out and then say goodbye, but all of us that are involved would trade the couple days of sadness to have the visits -- to just have that bond."

"I would say birth parents are some of the strongest people out in the world," Catelynn added.

Elsewhere, because people suck, some social media users gave Catelynn and Tyler a hard time for arriving late to one of their visits with Carly.

"Yes, we were late to our visit with Carly," responded Tyler to this criticism, adding:

"But you should have seen the amount of joy she had when she saw that scrapbook & our handwritten letters! Adopted kids treasure handwritten words & pics from their birth parents & it was very special to her! So glad we did it in person."

Catelynn echoed this sentiment, Tweeting:

"She wasn't upset about us being late she was so excited about her scrapbook."

ty response

A couple weeks before this episode aired, Tyler opened up about the adoption.

"The only thing I would say, just make sure the family you want your baby to be raised with, you know very, very well. They're your kid's whole world," Tyler advised on a previous Teen Mom OG installment, adding at this time that it's all been a little messy due to Tyler and Catelynn's fame.

There's no way Carly's adopted parents could have known they'd be in the news all these years later, you know?

"Our situation's super not normal," Tyler concluded.

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