Catelynn Lowell Shares Soul-Shatteringly Cute Snap of Baby Vaeda

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After all of the pointless mom-shaming that Catelynn Lowell has endured, it's great to see something positive.

And it doesn't get more positive than the unspeakably adorable photo of Vaeda that Catelynn shared.

Brace yourselves: this little cutie is too precious for words. Take a look:

Catelynn and Tyler with Vaeda

Catelynn Lowell is a proud mom and she's more than happy to share a glimpse at her youngest daughter.

Taking to Instagram, Catelynn uploaded a snap of 5-month-old Vaeda seated in her little chair.

"This little munchkin just ate her breakfast," Catelynn captioned the photo.

"And," she remarked. "Sissy is STILL sleeping."

Take a look at how mind-shatteringly adorable baby Vaeda is.

Vaeda Baltierra Ate Her Breakfast

Look at that expresion!

There's a point in each baby's life where they cross that special personality milestone.

You start to see a glint of thought and personal identity in their eyes. You see the intelligence there.

Vaeda is clearly in that zone and she's just too adorable for words.

Of course, she's not the only adorable little girl in that household.

Nova Says Good Morning

Nova may have been sound asleep when Vaeda had her breakfast, but that didn't mean that she slept the day away.

Soon, she came downstairs, with messy hair and a bright pink nightgown.

Catelynn took it upon herself to offer fans and followers an update.

"Sissy finally just woke up," Catelynn captioned this photo, followed by a red heart emoji.

"Gosh our girls are beautiful," she added, tagging Tyler Baltierra.

She's absolutely correct, there, and Tyler commented with a series of emojis to show that he was in 100% agreement.

Tyler with Vaeda

Catelynn and Tyler are much more certain of their love and their relationship these days.

Last year, they were feeling much less certain about things.

Tyler moved out temporarily as part of a trial separation.

Unsure about their future, Catelynn considered not having Vaeda so as to not bring her into an already broken home.

Fortunately, she and Tyler have worked through so many issues that once seemed impossible to resolve.

Nova with Vaeda

Catelynn and Tyler have another child in addition to Nova and Vaeda: Carly.

But they are her birth parents. They made a difficult but courageous choice to put her up for adoption when they were 17.

Catelynn recently opened up about how difficult it can be to be "birth parents," especially when it comes to your other children.

"That’s another hard part of being birth parents... explaining to ur children why we can’t be with the other child on birthdays etc." Catelynn remarked.

"But," she noted. "As our kids get older the more they will understand and the more we can explain."

Tyler with Nova and Vaeda

Honestly? Despite their troubles as individuals and as a couple, Catelynn and Tyler seem like one of the most solid couples in the franchise.

After all, they've been together since they were really just kids themselves.

They're also devoted parents who, these days, work on addressing their own issues instead of just letting mental health problems fester.

A lot of Teen Mom kids would benefit from having parents like these two.

Especially if it meant that they could be as cute as little Vaeda.

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