Shannon Beador: I'm Ready to Marry John Janssen!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Shannon Beador has been basically inseparable from her boyfriend John Janssen for a while now.

They get along well, their kids have all met, and things are looking all kinds of serious.

Now, a new report says that Shannon is feeling the itch to get married to her man. Is it too soon ... or is the timing just right?

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend John Janssen

RadarOnline reports that Shannon Beador is feeling ready to marry her businessman boyfriend, John Janssen.

"She is madly in love with John," the insider reveals.

"And," the source adds. "The feeling is definitely mutual."

"Of course they have discussed marriage," the insider makes clear.

The source explains that they have done so "just as every couple that’s in love does."

Shannon Beador For Season 14

Shannon and John have so much in common, from their children to their financial success.

They have also both been married -- and are apparently looking forward to a new, better marriage.

"They have both been in long marriages," the source points out.

"And," the insider continues. "They both are hoping that this relationship could lead to that."

That way, Shannon will be a real Real Housewife.

Shannon Beador, Boyfriend

Speaking of The Real Housewives, John notably does not appear on this season.

There are a lot of considerations behind which boyfriends appear on a show like that, including timing of when they meet.

But that doesn't mean that viewers will be in the dark forever.

The report says that it's "very likely" that John could appear on Bravo next season.

That's exciting stuff -- and really shows how serious their relationship is.

Vicki Gunvalson, Shannon Beador, and Tamra Judge at Andy Cohen's Baby Shower

Not everyone is eager to see Shannon race to the altar, however.

"Shannon’s friends and co-stars are telling her to be careful," the source cautions.

The insider explains that they are encouraging her to tap the brakes "because they don’t want her to get hurt again."

She went through so much with David. Sometimes, over the years, people change.

"No one wants to see her go through what she went through with David," the source affirms.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen "Fun Parents"

"But she isn’t having any of that," the insider says, indicating that Shannon is dismissing all concerns.

"And," the source characterizes. "She’s on cloud nine right now,” 

“He’s met her three daughters," the insider reminds the world.

"And," the source raves. "They all really like him."

As we previously reported, their children have all met, and it looks like Shannon and John are basically co-parents.

Shannon Beador, rap festival

Clearly, they are working very well as a couple.

That does not mean that concerns about rushing into things aren't valid. Rebound marriages are real things and they can be disasters.

But it sounds like people who are familiar with Shannon and with John think that this could be a spectacular match.

"Everyone who knows John knows that he is just a really solid, good guy," the insider characterizes.

We wish Shannon a world of happiness and we hope that John is part of her ticket to the contentment that she deserves.

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