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Recently, Shannon Beador has been totally inseparable from her businessman boyfriend, John Janssen.

Their relationship has been looking serious.

Now, as they get closer, they’re getting to know each other’s kids. Look at these sweet blended family photo.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen are serving up Brady Bunch realness in this family photo that she shared on Instagram.

"What an experience at my very first rap festival," Shannon’s caption begins.

"#Realstreetfest," she tagged her post, adding that the "Kids had a ball."

She and John just tried to keep up.

"Parents did their best to be hip," Shannon concluded.

It’s great to see these "cool parents" having a good time with all six children — three of hers and three of his.

But it’s not really a surprise to see that everyone is so comfortable around each other.

After all, earlier this month, Shannon affirmed to Us Weekly that she and John are "in a really good place"in their relationship.

Shannon has been gushing that she has "never been happier."

You know what? After everything that David put her through, we can believe it.

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend John Janssen

Shannon has also explained part of why she is so willing to trust him after having been hurt so deeply in the past.

"My friends have known him for 30 years," Shannon explained.

When you’re hooking up with a friend-of-a-friend, you can sometimes (and only sometimes!) skip worrying about someone’s true intentions.

"So," Shannon reasoned. "I didn’t have to make sure he was there for the right reason"

She’s a wealthy celebrity. That must be a huge weight off of her shoulders.

Shannon Beador For Season 14

Every time that she discusses her boyfriend, Shannon just sounds over the moon.

"He’s just a great person," she gushed about him.

As we’ve seen, Shannon was a little horniness-motivated earlier in the year, but this time, it sounds like there’s a real emotional bond.

"I have a great connection with him," Shannon revealed.

And then she dropped the L-word, saying: "I’m very much in love."

Shannon Beador, Boyfriend

Shannon is now thoroughly divorced from David.

So … should we be expecting wedding bells in her future?

"I’m 55 years old," Shannon noted earlier this month. "I haven’t wanted to rush into anything."

“I’ve got one shot left," she expressed. "if I want to be realistic."

To be clear, plenty of people marry more than once after turning 55.

Shannon explained: "I want to be certain this time that everything is gonna be good."

Shannon Beador is Happy and Free

It’s good that, as head-over-heels in love as she is, she still has her feet planted firmly on the ground.

Some folks — especially when they’re looking to rebound from a marriage — lose all sense of reason and repeat past mistakes.

It sounds like Shannon has both the wisdom and the common sense to tread carefully, even when her heart is bursting with affection.

Still, introducing someone to your kids (and yourself to his kids, and the kids to each other) is a huge step.

If things carry on like this, we could be seeing a lot more of John in the future.