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Shannon Beador has  lost an astonishing amount of weight and is having more fun than ever before.

Part of that fun is with her handsome businessman boyfriend. Things between the two of them are looking serious.

So serious, in fact, that they traveled across the country so that he coudl be her date for the RHOC premiere.

Shannon Beador and Boyfriend John Janssen

As you can imagine, Shannon Beador was excited about the Season 14 premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

She flew out to New York for the premiere — but she didn’t come alone.

Her plus one was boyfriend John Janssen.

The two snapped photos — one of which you can see above — from the premiere.

It looks like things are getting really, truly serious.

Shannon Beador, Boyfriend

RadarOnline reports that Shannon simply "just can’t get enough" of her exciting new man.

And that’s only part of why it’s no surprise that she brought him along to the premiere, even if it meant two cross-country flights.

"Of course she wants to flaunt him as much as she can," the insider says.

It doesn’t sound like John has any real gripes about coming along for the premiere or the Watch What Happens Live taping, either.

"He’s not complaining and neither is she!" the source characterizes.

Shannon Beador For Season 14

Eyewitnesses say that Shannon and John could barely keep their hands off of each other.

"Shannon’s definitely in love — or lust — with him," the insider gleefully reports.

"And," the source reveals. "The sex is just through the roof."

That’s not a huge surprise. Shannon’s new fitness habits were bound to dial up her sex drive.

"Honestly," the insider remarks. "She didn’t think that she would ever meet anyone that turns her on as much as John does again."

There’s more than just first-rate boning and good old-fashioned thirst keeping these two together, however.

Historically, David Beador was the primary breadwinner of the family.

But Shannon’s QVC business, "Real for Real Cuisine," has proven to be a multimillion dollar success.

"John finds it fascinating that she is so successful," the source shares.

"And," the insider adds. "It only makes him want her more."

Shannon Beador is Happy and Free

If that makes it sound like John might be a gold digger or just some dude scamming Shannon for fame, don’t worry.

"He doesn’t care about the fame," the source assures.

The insider adds that "He has his own money."

"And," the source continues. "He just legit wants her."

After all of the horrible things that David said to her after her moderate weight gain a few years ago, it must be a relief for Shannon to feel desired again.

In general, it sounds like John is as fascinated as anyone would be by Shannon’s dramatic life.

"Shannon’s life is super interesting to anyone," the insider correctly remarks.

So interesting that she’s paid a hefty six figures just to share a small portion of that life with the viewers at home.

"She’s back to being the star that she is," the source affirms. "And she’s ready to shine."

That’s fantastic! Shannon has really been through a lot and it’s great to see her find the happiness that she deserves.