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Since her time as Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay has given some truly excellent advice to Hannah Brown and, before her, to Becca Kufrin.

But when it comes to her engagement to Bryan Abasolo, she’s doing it all on her own terms.

Rachel and Bryan are now married — and they opted out of a big TV wedding. Who’d have thought?

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On Saturday, August 24, Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo were married at the Royalton Suites Cancun in Mexico.

Rachel’s bridal gown was short-sleeved with a tulle veil, by Randi Rahm. Bryan wore a white tuxedo with black trim.

The guest list featured a number of names familiar to the Bachelor Nation.

Bachelor Fam guests included Astrid Loche, Kristina Schulman, Eric Bigger, Kevin Wendt, Alex Bordy, and Bibiana Julian.

But despite the presence of these alums, there was not a TV camera in sight.

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Earlier this month, Rachel Lindsay explained to People why she and Bryan had opted out of televizing their nuptials.

"[Initially] I wanted a TV wedding," Rachel admited. "I 100 percent did."

"Then, as we got to know each other in the real world and things became normalized," she began to explain.

"And then," Rachel recalled. "I started hearing horror stories about these TV weddings,"

"I am very thankful that we don’t have one," she affirmed. "And that we’re doing it on our own."

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"I also think that it shows to the world or Bachelor Nation that what we have is more real," Rachel expressed.

That much was always clear after Rachel ignored the entire fandom’s advice and picked Bryan over Peter.

"We don’t need TV," she said. "We don’t need to get paid."

"We’re doing this because this is what we want to do," Rachel emphasized.

"And," she concluded. "I think it has more meaning."

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Rachel also spilled to Us Weekly the sort of wedding she wanted to have — and the lengths to which she would go to assemble her guests.

"It’s island vibe," Rachel detailed. "And that’s how I want it to be."

Different weddings have different motifs and different tones, and that decision is generally up to the bride.

"We’re bringing bride’s family from Columbia, from Miami, my family from Texas, and all over," she proudly stated.

Rachel continued: "And so we’re all coming together."

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Rachel is only the fourth Bachelorette alum to actually marry the man she chose on her season.

She really beat the odds — and made a lot of fans who had been adamantly Team Peter realize that Rachel’s tastes are not theirs.

Many Bachelor franchise engagements fall apart because people who fell in love on camera did not get to know each other’s true selves.

Rachel and Bryan are clearly going above and beyond to avoid that fate for themselves.

Cutting out the cameras doesn’t just make the moment more meaningful — it frees people to be themselves without being viewed by millions.

That, folks, is more important for a couple’s Big Day — even if most would not have been willing to pass on the paycheck that comes with a TV wedding.