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Even though June Shannon is selling off all her belongings to keep enough cash flow to please her awful boyfriend, she still lives at her house.

But the inside is a mostly empty pigsty, with her remaining possessions scattered throughout the house.

A new report takes a look at the outside of her house, full of explained and unexplained damage. Neighbors are fuming over the mess.

June Shannon Looks Odd

The more expensive the neighborhood, the higher the standards for upkeep and the angrier that neighbors get about anything unsightly.

Mama June is learning that the hard way — but at this point, she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks.

Anyone but Geno Doak, her terrible boyfriend, that is.

After the incident where she went outside in a see-through robe to try to wrangle Geno out of the car after he crashed it into the house …

Well, that was a clear sign that she was a little bit past worrying about what the neighbors think of a big ol’ mess.

Geno Doak with Mama

June may not care, but TMZ reports that June’s house looks like some sort of disaster zone.

The tabloid got a good look at the exterior of June’s home, and first and foremost, there is a bigass dumpster just sitting on the front lawn.

Sometimes people rent these temporarily and place them at the back of the driveway while getting work done on the house.

But for June, it’s just plopped onto the grass and as unsightly as you can imagine.

This is not something that her neighbors want to see day in and day out … and it’s just the beginning.

Mama June Shannon Pic

So, from that time when Geno plowed the SUV into the house, there’s still a conspicuous dent in the garage door, which can no longer fully close.

That makes sense — if June is so broke that she’s selling the last bed in her house, of course she can’t afford a repair service.

Something is up with a number of the windows in the house, in the front and the back.

You can see window screens leaning against the house rather than being in the window frames.

Other windows appear to be open — something that should never happen in August.

This has caused some to wonder if June can no longer pay her electric bill — or had to turn off her air conditioning in order to do so.

June Shannon and Geno Doak

Speaking of the windows, one window is broken and boarded up, like what you’d see at a condemned hovel.

Then there are simply trash cans that, despite the presence of the dumpster, are loaded with trash and even overflowing.

Additional garbage is strewn about everywhere.

This is an upper middle class neighborhood that generally expects a certain standard of upkeep that June is not meeting.

Furious neighbors are banding together to attempt to force June to clean up her act — well, her house, anyway.

June Kises Geno

Homeowner’s Associations are every suburbanite’s bane — but in this case, June’s neighbors are hoping that it will be their salvation.

TMZ reports that a number of them are banding together to petition the HOA to force June to fix her house and yard.

That fugly dumpster has been on the front lawn for at least a week.

The general level of disrepair is a violation of just about any HOA agreement. It’s turning the neighborhood into a joke.

Real talk, though: June ignored her own family when they tried to stage an intervention to save her actual life.

We somehow doubt that she cares about what the HOA says or about anything else, for that matter. This is actually really sad.