Lauryn Shannon: Happy Birthday, Alana! I Guess I'm Your Sister-Mom!

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Mama June Shannon is selling off all of her belongings and even her damaged house so she can live in an RV with Geno Doak.

Fortunately, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson isn't there to see it. She's living with her big sister, where it's safe.

Lauryn even gave her a special birthday shoutout, and referred to herself as Alana's "Sister-Mom." That's as sweet as it is sad.

Lauryn Shannon, Daughter

"Happy birthday to my not so little sister," Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon begins her birthday tribute.

To be clear, she's talking about her sister's age, not body-shaming her.

"Today you’re 14," she writes.

(Wild that little Honey Boo Boo is growing up like this. She's a teenager. That's high school age)

"And," Lauryn's tribute continues. "I’m so happy I get to spend it with you."

Alana Thompson in Pink

Lauryn doesn't try to gloss over the family nigthmare that has befallen them all this year.

"Things haven’t been the easiest lately," she acknowledges.

After all, Alana is living with her because June seems hooked on drugs and gambling and Geno, all of which made her home unsafe.

"But," Lauryn writes. "I promise we will get through it."

That is very sweet and very reassuring.

Mama June and Her Family, Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Premiere

Lauryn opened up her home to Alana to keep her sister out of danger, and she doesn't regret it for a moment.

She expresses: "I love being there for you when you need me most."

"And," Lauryn adds. "I enjoy being your sister mom."

That's a great label (and a role taken on far too often by eldest siblings), but definitely acknowledges how grim things are with Mama June.

"I hope today is all you wish for and more," Lauryn concludes.

Pumpkin Shannon Explains Her Mom's Madness

Pumpkin's heartfelt message earned her praise from her fans and followers.

"Wow pumpkin I love this you really stepped up to the plate I'm so happy alana can rely on you to be there for her," one comment begins.

The fan continues: "My prayers go out to your family [prayer hands emoji]......p.s. I been a fan for a LONG time love you guys!!!!"

"Very well said," praises another follower. "Your a great sister and MOM!!!"

"Best sister mom ever! You've done such an amazing job stepping up and taking care of her the way you do," raves another commenter.

Not too many people who are so young would do that;" the follower continues.

"It's a blessing that you have," the fan concludes. "And that you love her more than she could ever know. Happy birthday Alana!"

Alana Thompson Turns 13

Lauryn wasn't done praising Alana for her 14th birthday, however.

She also took to her Instagram Stories, where she gave her little sister yet another shoutout.

"Happy birthday to the queen herself" Lauryn proclaimed.

That is really very touching.

When times are rough, it helps to go overboard when celebrating the good things.

Lauryn Shannon on Insta

Alana said on a From Not to Hot confessional that she truly fears for her mother's life.

"So I really hope this is rock bottom for mama," she admitted.

"Because once you hit rock bottom, there’s no more going deeper -- you can only go up," Alana explained.

She expressed: "I really hope mama’s just thinking I just got arrested. I need to get it together. I need to get my s--t together."

"If this isn’t her wake-up call," Alana feared. "I could possibly lose her forever."

June Shannon is not going to a mental hospital

Not even an intervention was enough to convince June to seek help.

She refused to stay at any overnight facility, worrying her fans. Alana was crying and begging her, but it wasn't enough.

Why did she refuse? Lauryn explained that June was afraid of leaving Geno for any overnight, inpatient facility.

Left alone, he might cheat -- or straight up leave her.

In her mind, that mattered more than anything else. Poor June. And poor Alana.

We're glad that she's with a dependable Sister-Mom.

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