June Shannon: Living Out of Vile Hotel Rooms with Crazy BF Geno After Crack Arrest!?

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June Shannon doesn't always make the best life decisions.

And a new report alleges that she may be in the middle of one of her worst.

Mere weeks after getting arrested for crack cocaine possession, the polarizing reality star is essentially homeless, an insider tells The Blast.

Moreover, she remains with Geno Doak, the same man accusing of assaulting her in a gas station parking lot on the same day Shannon was taken into custody on the aforementioned charge.

What is Shannon thinking?!? We have no idea.

What exactly is going on her, per an anonymous source?

Let's delve a bit deeper down below, shall we?

1. Wait, Shannon Was Arrested for Crack Cocaine Possession?!?

Wait, Shannon Was Arrested for Crack Cocaine Possession?!?
Yes. In mid-March, she and Geno were seen arguing loudly in a gas station parking lot, prompting someone to call 911 because they were so concerned.

2. When the Cops Arrived?

When the Cops Arrived?
Shannon told them everything in the car belonged to her -- this included over $1,000 in cash (stored in her bra), along with drugs and drug paraphernalia.

3. Arrests Were Made

Arrests Were Made
Shannon for drug possession, and Geno for domestic violence, as he was accused at the time of threatening to actually kill his semi-famous girlfriend.

4. WTF?!?

We know, right? Doak was subsequently ordered to leave Shannon alone -- but do you think he followed that order?


The day after their arrest, Shannon and Doak were seen gambling at a casino in Alabama, having apparently made all the way up.

6. Why Isn't He in Jail Then?

Why Isn't He in Jail Then?
It's unclear. But court documents obtained by The Blast verify that prosecutors went to court accusing Doak of violating the order, citing surveillance video of the two at this casino after being released from prison.

7. What Happened Next?

What Happened Next?
Doak's attorney reportedly tried to argue for the order to be dropped, but the judge refused to rule on the matter. Instead, the judge took issue with Doak's lawyer representing both Mama June and Doak. (Yes, we're slapping our forehead very hard over this revelation, as you should be, too.)

8. The Judge Was PISSED

The Judge Was PISSED
He noted that the lawyer failed to mention he was representing both June and Geno, despite Mama June being considered the victim of domestic violence at the hands of Doak. The judge ordered that the stay-away order remain in effect.

9. And Yet?

And Yet?
They keep hanging out anyway! Shannon, who is legally blind, filed an appeal to the protective order saying he assisted her with her disability. She also alleged in the documents that she and Doak are in love and that he is "very loving toward her kids." This has been enough, apparently, to legally permit these two love birds from singing the same song as a couple.

10. The Story Gets Even Weirder...

The Story Gets Even Weirder...
... and sadder, really, considering Shannon has impressionable kids at home.

11. So Long, Georgia!

So Long, Georgia!
Sources tell The Blast that Geno and June have remained in Alabama since their arrest, just bouncing from one hotel to another together. (Shannon and her daughters have been residing in Georgia for as long as they've been in the spotlight.)

12. Doak is Bad News

Doak is Bad News
Court documents state that Doak entered a building with "intent to commit a theft" in February of 1996. This was the first of MANY run-ins with the law.


He was arrested days later back then and charged with felony burglary, eventually pleading guilty to the burglary charge and being sentenced to three years in prison.

14. Wait, There's a Lot More

Wait, There's a Lot More
In March 2009, Geno was taken into custody after he allegedly stole a $500 cargo trailer belonging to The Griffin First United Methodist Church in Griffin, Georgia.

15. It Gets Tragic, Too

It Gets Tragic, Too
While out on bail the following month a decade ago, Doak was involuntarily admitted to Riverwood Behavioral Health System in Clayton County for distress and for attempting to commit suicide for a third time after allegedly taking 35 Valium pills.

16. Dude Just Can't Live a Clean Life

Dude Just Can't Live a Clean Life
Moving on to February 2010, Doak pleaded guilty to felony theft and was sentenced to 10 years of probation, 80 hours of community service and fined $2,500.

17. Geno? More Like Gen... Oh No, Man

Geno? More Like Gen... Oh No, Man
In 2013, Doak's probation was revoked after he was charged and pleaded guilty to felony criminal damage to property in the second degree and given a four-year jail sentence.

18. Prior to This Latest Arrest?

Prior to This Latest Arrest?
Finally, Doak served about 15 months at the Coastal State Prison in Savannah, Georgia and was paroled in January of 2015.

19. Okay, So He Breaks the Law A Lot...

Okay, So He Breaks the Law A Lot...
... but he also breaks the rules of romance, claimed a previous The Blast report.

20. A Serial (and Disgusting) Cheater

A Serial (and Disgusting) Cheater
The Blast has obtained texts between Doak and a woman named Tina that make it look very much like he sent her lewd messages and even, at least once, a shot of his own penis.

21. Here is One of Those Messages

Here is One of Those Messages

22. Tina Has Tons to Say About Doak

Tina Has Tons to Say About Doak
She acknowledges keeping up contact with Geno at first, who she says somehow found her on Instagram, because she thought it was cool to talk to someone on television.

23. HOWEVER...

... Doak was soon texting her every 10 minutes and saying he wanted to fly her to Alabama to do stuff to her sexually.

24. Who Would Ever Want THIS?

Who Would Ever Want THIS?
We don't know, but Tina even says Geno once contacted her while June was sleeping right next to him and said he wished Tina was there instead.

25. So. Gross.

So. Gross.
Many of Shannon's loved ones are aware of Doak's sexting and want June to kick him to the curb. But she refuses to do so.

26. What Has WeTv Said About All This?

What Has WeTv Said About All This?
"We share our viewers’ concerns for June Shannon and her entire family. We are monitoring events as they occur and are focused, as always, on the entire family’s well-being," the network Tweeted after June's arrest.

27. Will From Not to Hot Actually Get Renewed?

Will From Not to Hot Actually Get Renewed?
It seems unlikely, given this ugly mess. But we're far more concerned about June's kids.

28. These Poor Girls

These Poor Girls
What does the future possibly hold for young women whose only role model at home engages in the sorts of act June has become famous for? We pray for you, ladies.

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