June Shannon: I'm About to Be Homeless! But I'm Doing It All For Geno!

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June Shannon has been selling everything she owns, inviting random buyers to her dilapidated, garbage-filled house.

Now, she has put that property on the market in a desperate bid for more cash to keep Geno happy and by her side.

Take a look at the details of June's plans -- and where she and her terrible boyfriend are now living.

June Kises Geno

E! News has a grim report about Mama June Shannon and her plans for the future.

According to their insider, the From Not to Hot star plans to "live in an RV" with Geno Doak.

She has now placed her Georgia home on the market.

(We'll talk about why she may not get as much cash as she hoped to in a bit)

If June wants money for an RV ... and potentially for drugs ... she'll have to get it herself.

Geno Doak with Mama

It's not just that Geno is a total bum who's been mooching off of June since he first charmed his way into her bed.

"None of her daughters are talking to her at this point," the source reveals.

They have effectedly ghosted their mom, the insider says, "including Alana."

That makes sense -- Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson vowed that she wouldn't return to June's house while Geno was there.

Of the girls, their bank accounts, and June, the source says: "They've cut her off."

Geno Doak and June Shannon in Bed

June's daughters have a lot of reasons to feel like giving up on their disaster of a mother.

"She chose Geno over them," the insider laments.

They really did try, even staging a desperate intervention to persuade June to seek help for her addiction issues.

June declined despite fears that she might die.

Lauryn explained that June couldn't bear to leave Geno alone, for fear that he would cheat or leave. And she doesn't want to lose Geno.

"Good or bad," the source characterizes. "She likes the attention."

June Shannon and Geno Doak

"She really only cares about herself," the insider accuses, explaining how her loved ones now feel.

They can no longer ignore that June's world revolves entirely around June and her desires at the moment.

After everything that's happend, the source says, "That's crystal clear to her family."

Well, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was canceled after June was caught in bed with a convicted child-molester who had preyed upon her own daughter.

So her innate selfishness ... and outrageously terrible judgment ... and abysmal taste in men ... have all been apparent for a while, now.

Geno Doak with June

June can't lean on any family, so she's raising cash herself -- having apparently spent an unbelievable amount keeping Geno happy.

Weeks ago, she was selling off everything -- from furniture to personal belongings.

She listed some items, including the house's last remaining bed, in an online marketplace to attract buyers.

Buyers came to the house and saw a pigsty that was mostly emptied already.

They observed June and Geno behaving erratically. They also observed what looked like syringes scattered about. Yikes.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Make Out

Now, June purchased her Georgia home in 2015.

She obtained the 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom dwelling for just $149,000.

(That's stunningly low -- but then, location matters; where I live, that sum probably wouldn't be enough for a one-bedroom house)

But June is likely to get even less, given that the house is damaged.

The garage door won't even close properly after Geno ran June's SUV into it. And there are unexplained broken windows.

Add the giant dumpster sitting on the lawn and killing grass for over a week, and it looks like a condemned building, not prime real estate.

June Shannon and Boyfriend

At this point, June may not have the budget to fix up her house to sell. She also may be past caring.

TMZ reports that she and Geno have already departed for their RV lifestyle.

While her daughters have reportedly cut her off, apparently they did discuss her hairbrained plans for the future at some point.

June has provided a lot of entertainment, if often unwittingly, for millions of people.

Ultimately, her story is -- and has always been -- profoundly sad, and reminders that some people right here in America grow up in a different world.

We would love to believe that she'll soon have a wakeup call and will ditch Geno and seek help. But ... it may be too late.

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