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Earlier this year, Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved all the way from Arkansas to Los Angeles.

As you could probably guess, this was a Very Big Deal.

Jinger and Jeremy Attend a Soccer Game

There are several reasons why, a big one being that Jim Bob and Michelle reportedly weren’t very crazy about the idea.

They seem to like to keep a tight leash on their children, so when Jeremy stole her away to Texas after they got married and even started letting her wear pants, it was probably a pretty tough pill to swallow.

Even tougher, we’re sure, was to receive the news that she’d be moving even further away to the liberal hellhole that is L.A.

That’s another reason the move was so huge — the home she and Jeremy shared in Texas likely wasn’t too different than Arkansas, but California?

Jinger and Jeremy and Child

That’s a whole different story.

They moved so that Jeremy could start seminary school out there, but it’s pretty clear that they’re also just psyched to be in L.A.

Ever since they made this big move, they’ve been going all around town and having all sorts of adventures.

They’ve been exploring everywhere, going to soccer games, making friends.

They even went to a movie premiere, and Jinger wore tight pants and high heels, for Nike’s sake!

Jinger and Jeremy Red Carpet Pic

But a big way they’ve been enjoying their new city is by trying out all the food.

They’ve been going to fancy pizza places, fancy coffee shops, fun food trucks …

And they’ve been documenting all of it.

Like, we’ve seen little baby Felicity gnawing on a rib, it’s pretty serious.

Photo via Instagram

And since Jinger and Jeremy have been so into the food scene in L.A., some people think they should turn their interest into jobs.

Some have suggested that Jeremy start a foodie Instagram, and he’s been very receptive to the idea.

But in the comments of his latest post, fans have been floating around a different idea.

This week, he shared this cute photo of Jinger with a donut — but not any donut, a cool fancy donut.

Jinger Eating a Donut

One of his followers told him "You and Jinger should have a show where all y’all do is try & taste delicious new foods!!"

Jeremy’s response?

"I agree. Let’s sit down with @tlc."

See, he tagged TLC, that’s how you know he’s serious.

Jinger and Fam

After he said this, fans jumped on it — it really does seem like there’s a lot of interest for a show of their very own.

"I would definitely watch that or even a show that went more in depth to yours and Jinger’s lives as a family," one person told Jeremy.

Another person said "YESSSSS to the show, welllll also your sweet baby girl should be included AND your love of Jesus AND fashion tips AND relationship goals AND …… okay I’d be a fan, let me know if you need help talking to TLC."

Several other people shared similar sentiments, so it really does seem like lots of people would watch a show all about the Vuolos.

Jinger does seem to be the favorite Duggar daughter, and seeing a Duggar away from her family and out and about in such a great big city would certainly spice things up a bit.

Would you watch a show all about these two?