Demi Burnett: I Can't Let the Homophobic Haters Get Me Down!

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If you've been watching Bachelor in Paradise this season, you know that the show has finally offered up something more interesting than the snoozefest that is the Dylan-Hannah-Blake love triangle.

(Sure, Blake's a douche, but Dylan's wounded "nice guy" routine is seriously tiresome.)

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty

When Kristian Haggerty showed up in Mexico this week, she did more than just throw a monkey wrench in Demi Burnett's relationship with Derek Peth. 

Together, Kristian and Demi have now made history as the first same-sex couple in Bachelor history.

For the most part, it seems fans of the show have been supportive.

(Though there have been a few sticklers who believe Demi shouldn't have been allowed on the show because she wasn't technically single -- as though strict adherence to the rules is the key ingredient for quality reality TV.)

Demi Burnett, Girlfriend

But being a trailblazer is never easy, and it seems Demi received some backlash from small-minded bigots after coming out.

“This was a super tough time for me … being criticized does hurt,” she explained in a recent interview with Good Morning America.

“But I know that there’s nothing that I can do to change how people are perceiving it or how they feel about it.”

Fortunately, Demi is nothing if not tough.

Demi Burnett Poses

So she's managed to block out the haters and focus on the many viewers who have offered support and kind words:

“It means a lot to me,” Demi said of the fans who reached out to her in the past week.

“I was just being myself and living my life and loving who I loved," she added.

"I just wanted to be honest with who I was and follow wherever my heart led me.”

Demi Burnett Smiles

Asked about the support she's received online, Demi said revealed that the outpouring of affection from viewers has warmed her heart:

“There are so many messages in my DMs on Twitter, on Instagram, everywhere, of people who are thanking me because they have been struggling with the same thing that I went through,” she said.

“Knowing that I helped somebody just by being who I was — that’s amazing for me. And it feels really good.”

Burnett added that her relationship with Kristian began as a fling -- and she didn't realize how strong their connection was until ber time on BiP put things in perspective:

Demi Burnett on Instagram

“We were just enjoying each other’s time and I didn’t realize how serious she felt about it until she came on the show and expressed that to me,” Demi said of Kristian.

“I also realized how serious it was for me and how much I really cared about her too.”

Asked how her parents handled seeing their daughter come out on national TV, Demi revealed that they've stood by her every step of the way:

“My parents love me very much,” she said.

Demi Burnett

“The way that they handled it was so beautiful. Like, them just saying, ‘You’re always gonna be our Dems, and we’re gonna love you and support you no matter what.’ It was really special.”

Look, we all know Bachelor in Paradise isn't exactly Masterpiece Theater.

But since the stated purpose of the show is to help people find love, and Demi and Kristian seem to have done exactly that, if you're not rooting for them, you might actually be too ignorant for BiP.

Plus, people are already calling for Derek to be the next Bachelor, so it's a win-win-win for all involved.

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