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The hits just keep coming for Amber Portwood, huh?

But of course, that wouldn’t be happening if she hadn’t done the hitting in the first place.

Andrew Glennon with Amber

Or the machete-wielding.

Guys … Amber really done messed up.

All the way back on the Fourth of July, she got all worked up because there was an issue with taking James, the son she shares with Andrew Glennon, to see fireworks.

The little family headed home instead of going to the festivities, and that’s when Amber got violent.

Amber on TMOG

Andrew has said that she yelled at him and began beating him with a shoe, which she did admit to doing.

He took James and left for a few hours, then came back with dinner and a gift for Amber — more than she deserved after assaulting him the first time — and she was still very angry.

According to Andrew’s story, Amber went off again, told him she was going to kill herself and even swallowed a handful of pills that she later vomited back up, and ended the night by chasing him around with a machete.

All while poor, sweet little baby James was there.

Amber Portwood in Her Bed

During the alleged machete incident, Andrew took James and went to another room, and he had to hold the door closed with his foot so he cold hold the baby and also alert 911 that an emergency was going down.

Police arrested Amber in the wee hours of the morning, she spent a few days in jail, and then things got even worse.

Because you can’t assault people, especially when they’re holding your baby.

Andrew was quick to file for custody of James, and thank goodness for that.

Andrew Glennon and His Son

He also got a no-contact order for both of them against Amber — it was recently lifted for James so he could have the occasional supervised visit with his mother, but Andrew’s still stands.

In all this madness, Andrew has been pretty open to Teen Mom fans who have asked him questions, and his stance has always been clear: he desperately wanted a family with Amber, but James’ safety is his top priority.

And, as such, it looks like he’s trying to take him from Indiana all the way to California.

He recently filed documents with the court to announce that he wishes to move back to Malibu, where he lived before he moved to Indiana to be with Amber.

Andrew Glennon, Up Close

He works there occasionally still, so the move does make sense.

He also explained in the documents that the only thing in Indiana for him was Amber, and that’s done now, so why not go back home where he has family, friends, and work?

Andrew has said that he wants to make the move in November, so it’s obvious that he’s not trying to run away with James.

He’s doing things by the book, and Amber has 60 days to respond to this new proposal.

Andrew Hugs James

It’s all a bit more complicated, of course, because both Amber’s criminal case and the custody battle are still happening, and we’re not sure how that would affect Andrew’s wishes to move states.

But based on everything we know about him, we’re certain he wouldn’t leave James behind.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for Amber …

Yeah, maybe don’t bother to think that anymore.