Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Is SICK! Our Kid Is Only Safe With Me!

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It's been over a month since Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Given all that Andrew Glennon has endured thus far in the relationship, many Teen Mom OG fans assumed the couple would be back together by now.

But that's not the case.

In fact, it seems that both parties are gearing up for what promises to be a very ugly custody battle.

For obvious reasons, Amber has taken most of the blame for the current state of affairs, but now, her supporters are accusing Andrew of capitalizing on her fragile mental state and tormenting her via Facebook.

Take a look:


1. The Formerly Happy Family

The Formerly Happy Family
Amber and Andrew's relationship has always been a tumultuous one. But we don't think anyone expected the breakup to get THIS ugly!

2. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
As you've probably heard by now, Amber was arrested in July, after she allegedly attacked Glennon while he was holding the couple's 1-year-old child.

3. Grisly Detail

Grisly Detail
Amber reportedly went after Andrew with a machete and attempted to break the door down when he locked himself in a bedroom.

4. A Deeply Troubled Woman

A Deeply Troubled Woman
Glennon further alleges that Amber attempted suicide by swallowing a handful of Klonopin tablets, but regurgitated the pills when he called 911.

5. A Safer Space

A Safer Space
The couple separated following her arrest, and Glennon has been keeping his distance from Portwood. He currently has custody of the former couple's 1-year-old son, James.

6. Playing Mind Games?

Playing Mind Games?
Now, he's being accused of tormenting Amber by flaunting his relationship with James on social media.

7. Baby James

Baby James
Critics say Andrew is posting photos of his son not only to make Amber jealous, but also to curry favor with the public.

8. Master of Manipulation?

Master of Manipulation?
“Andrew seems more concerned with public perception than getting back together with Amber," a source close to the situation tells Us Weekly.

9. Over and Out

Over and Out
“They’re as good as done and haven’t spoken since the court ordered them not to," the insider continued.

10. Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air
Now, Andrew is speaking out against those claims and insisting that his social media updates serve no purpose other than “to let everyone we love know that James and I are OK.”

11. Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade
“She is in total control of the future of this relationship, but if she wants to pass the buck to someone else, ignore her downfalls and not do what is right, that’s on her,” Glennon tells Us Weekly.

12. Making His Case

Making His Case
“There can’t be any better indication of me wanting a family than me taking care of our beautiful son and keeping him safe,” he adds.

13. Keeping Mom In the Picture

Keeping Mom In the Picture
Andrew says he's taken steps to ensure that his son maintains familiarity with his mother, saying, “He sees photos of her every day, smells her smells and plays with toys they loved to play with.”

14. Heartbreaking Separation

Heartbreaking Separation
Since her arrest for domestic assault on July 5, Portwood has seen James only during brief, supervised visits.

15. Weeks of Anguish

Weeks of Anguish
Insiders believe Portwood has not seen her son since July 18.

16. Going Public With Her Pain

Going Public With Her Pain
Amber has made it clear to fans that she misses James every day and is in a tremendous amount of pain.

17. The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece
Last week, she posted these photos with her daughter Leah, captioning the collage, "Just missing one beautiful little man,"

18. Minor Victory

Minor Victory
At an August 7 hearing, a judge awarded Amber was more visitation time with her son. It's the first good news she's received in quite some time.

19. A Lesson In Gratitude

A Lesson In Gratitude
Seemingly in response to the judge's decision, Amber posted the above meme on her Instagram page.

20. Sincerely Thankful

Sincerely Thankful
"I cannot even express how thankful I am for this morning. sincerely so much love and thanks to all of the beautiful intelligent people out there," she captioned the image.

21. Long Road Ahead

Long Road Ahead
Of course, Amber's legal wranglings are just beginning.

22. The Showdown

The Showdown
The troubled Teen Mom OG star is set to square off against Glennon again on August 22, when both parties will be back in court for a hearing.

23. Battle Royale

Battle Royale
It's anyone's guess how it'll all play out, but you can bet neither side will go easy on the other.

24. Much More to Come

Much More to Come
We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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