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In a word? Whoa.

In another word? Yikes.

In three other words? Holy friggen crap.

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According to Radar Online and other outlets, Amber Portwood was arrested on felony domestic battery charges in her native state of Indiana on Friday, July 5 around 6 a.m.

As of this writing, she was taken into custody and remains in a processing center.

“She’s at intake right now," a clerk at the Initial Hearting Court in Indianapolis told Radar of Portwood earlier today.

The alleged victim was not named in the official report and we cannot provide any more details on what actually transpired right now. But a hearing is set for next week.

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UPDATE: According to TMZ, and a recorded dispatch call, the victim was ANDREW GLENNON.

He alleges that Amber assaulted him around 3 a.m. on Friday, while he was holding their infant son, and that Andrew feared both of for their lives.

The 29-year-old Teen Mom OG star is the mother of a 10-year old daughter named Leah and a one-year old son named James.

She shares the latter with boyfriend Andrew Glennon (below), who has not yet commented on Amber’s arrest.

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For her part, though, Portwood has candidly talked about a past that includes both bipolar and borderline personality disorders, along with other times she ran afoul of the law.

In December of 2010, Amber was arrested and charged with two felony counts of domestic battery, one felony count of neglect of a dependent and one misdemeanor count of domestic battery.

This arrest came on the heels an incident with her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, with whom she shares custody of Leah.

Amber Portwood on E!

Then, in late 2011, Portwood was arrested once more.

In this case, it was for violating the terms of her probation by being accused of battery and public intoxication in connection with a fight weeks prior… also for failing to obtain her GED and complete anger management classes.

Following a probation search, authorities discovered several different prescription pills in her possession, for which she could not produce prescriptions.

As a result, she spent Christmas in jail that year.

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From there, back in 2012, Portwood was sentenced to five years in jail after she failed broke the terms of her probation by falling off the drug wagon.

She ended up serving 17 months total at the time before her release.

Portwood had seemingly been clean, sober and a law-abiding citizen over the past few years, however.

That said, she has showed signs here and there of continued instability.

Amber Reacts!

"Last year, everything was falling into place for me – I had an amazing boyfriend [Andrew Glennon], a beautiful son James, and [ex Gary Shirley] and I were finally co-parenting [daughter Leah] better," she said in a recent Teen Mom OG group interview.

But she then delved into the issues that caused her to nearly leave the MTV program.

"I struggled with postpartum depression, and people said really negative things about me on the internet, which didn’t help," she added in this discussion, explaining:

"I was in a bad place, so I needed to take time for myself."

Amber and Andrew on Season 8

As cited above, Portwood has always been open about struggles of this kind.

She’s even been open about having had suicidal thoughts in the past.

So… why did Amber decide to stick around Teen Mom? Why didn’t she walk away when she felt the show was depicting her in a negative light and she was again way down in the tragic doldrums?

"The support of my fans made me change my mind, so I agreed to come back and film," she said in June, adding:

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"I really isolated myself the last few months, so I’m finally ready to reconnect with my family."

Again, she said these just a few weeks ago.

She really did sound like she was in a better place, making this arrest all the more unfortunate and confusing.

Stay tuned to The Hollywood Gossip for further updates and for breaking news on Amber’s dometic violence charges once it is made public.

UPDATE: We can now confirm that Glennon thought Amber would kill their son. Follow the link for more details.