Amy Duggar Baby Shower: Ditched By Cousins, Mourning Mary

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Many thought it would never happen, but Amy Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

Amy says that despite reports to the contrary, she's always wanted to be a mom.

Amy Duggar, Baby Bump at 19 Weeks

And despite her fears about giving birth, Amy says she's ecstatic about the prospect of welcoming baby Dax into the world.

Of course, this is a bittersweet time for both Amy and her famous cousins.

We're in the midst of a full-blown Duggar baby boom, with several women in the family expecting to give birth in the coming months.

But it all comes on the heels of a tremendous loss for the family.

Jinger Duggar reacts to grandma’s passing

Back in June, Mary Duggar passed away under mysterious circumstances.

It was initially assumed that the 78-year-old mother of Jim Bob had died of natural causes.

We later learned, however, that Mary drowned after falling face down in a pool.

The "freak accident" circumstances surely make the loss even harder to take, and no one is having a more difficult time mourning Mary than Amy Duggar.

Mary and Amy were particularly close, and the expectant mom has made no effort to hide her grief in the months since Mary's passing.

Amy and Marry Duggar

And unfortunately, it seems Amy has not received much support from Jim Bob's kids, none of whom attended her wedding shower over the weekend.

Amy didn't post many pics of the festivities, but what little information she offered on Instagram made two things abundantly clear:

It was a sparsely-attended, "low key" affair, and Amy is still grieving for her late grandmother.

"Before Gma went to be with Jesus we were planning a huge lemon themed Baby shower pool party at her house. We were going to rent big white tents, and have huge white balloons in the pool and have it all decked out!" Amy explained on Instagram.

Amy Duggar Baby Shower

"But after her passing I could barely keep it together, I told myself I couldn't even think about having a shower without her and I just felt lost. To be honest I've felt " lost" for months," she continued.

"But y'all God is good, and everyday I'm just reminded of His faithfulness. I had the sweetest lemon themed brunch celebration today to honor her with my sweetest friends who loved on baby Dax and I!" she wrote.

"It was low key, fun, relaxing and exactly what my heart needed. I loved all the laughs, the hugs and the encouragement! Quality over quantity!

That last part could easily be interpreted as a "low-key" jab at Amy's cousins who clearly skipped the party.

Even Amy didn't mean it that way, that's our chosen reading, thank you very much!

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