Duggar Family: Dodging Questions About Mary Duggar's Drowning?

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Earlier this month, we reported on the sad news that Mary Duggar had passed away at the age of 78.

Given her advanced age, it was widely assumed that the mother of Jim Bob had died of natural causes -- but that later proved not to be the case.

Mary Duggar Photo

We now know that Mary Duggar drowned, and the exact circumstances of her accidental death remain unclear.

No foul play is suspected, and the Duggars have every right to keep the details of their loved one's passing to themselves.

But given how publicly members of the famous family have lived their lives over the past 20 years, it stands to reason that some fans would be surprised by what seems to be a joint decision to keep the specifics of Mary's fatal accident under wraps.

Fortunately, the Duggars haven't shied away from talking about Mary's life, just her death.

Mary Duggar and Family

Jill Duggar was the first to pay tribute to her late grandmother.

And while Jill's eulogy to Mary created controversy due to her decision to monetize the post, the situation did not prevent other Duggars from following suit.

The latest to honor Mary's memory on social media is Anna Duggar.

Anna posted a video of her grandmother-in-law interacting with her daughter Merideth:

“As I’ve talked with my children this week about their special memories of Great-Grandma, Meredith said she was going to miss singing for Grandma," Anna captioned the post.

"Dithy has such a special love with Great-Grandma as she always enjoyed time with her and singing for her—Great-Grandma would give undivided attention and was her biggest fan!” she continued.

“Somehow Grandma kept up with each of us and always took the time to make each birthday, recital, baby shower or any other event (and all the “uneventful” days in between) special—she mastered the rare art of consistent praise! She lived well, loved much and is greatly missed.”

Jinger Duggar with grandma Mary Duggar

A touching tribute, to be sure -- but some fans remained fixated on the mysteries surrounding Mary's passing.

“How did she accidentally drown?" one follower asked, point-blank.

Not surprisingly, Anna never replied to the comment.

We get the feeling the Duggars will continue to present a united front on this one.

And unfortunately, we also get the feeling that fans will continue to pry into the matter.

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