Amy Duggar: Pregnant with First Child!

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Amy Duggar has an extra special reason to celebrate this Easter weekend.

Not only was Jesus Christ resurrected on this monumental occasion -- but Amy and husband Dillon King have a life-related announcement of their own to make:

They are about to bring a brand new one into the world.

Amy Duggar Baby Announcement

That's right, readers, Amy Duggar is pregnant!!!!!!!

The 32-year old confirmed this blessed news herself, teaming with Dillon to tell People Magazine the following:

“We are completely speechless, overly excited and ready for the next chapter as new parents!” 

Amy, of course, is downright ancient - by her unique family's standards - for a first-time expecting mother.

She and King basically confessed late last year that a baby was finally in their plans, with the latter telling Us Weekly in an interview that they were "practicing, we’re not preventing."

Translation: The couple was having a decent amount of unproteced sexual intercourse.

Amy Duggar and Dillon

Amy, of course, is the niece of 19 Kids and Counting stars Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

She's always been somewhat of an outlier in a family that raises its women to just want to get married and get knocked up over and over and over.

Just consider what she said last October about pro-creating, seemingly hurling a bit of shade at some of her relatives who have dedicated their entire existence to miraculous act:

“I [don't] want to limit myself by just getting pregnant right off the bat and not exploring the rest of what my life could be,” Duggar explained in October in defending her life choices.

That was then, however, and this is now.

And now Amy and Dillon cannot wait to meet their very own bundle of joy!

Amy Duggar and Dillon King Pose

The pair were longtime friends before they exchanged vows in a country-chic wedding on the grounds of Horton Farms near Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2015.

How are they feeling at this point? A few months before they officiallly become a mother and a father?

“The learning curve of being a new father is kind of terrifying, but at the same time equally astonishing,” says King.

Amy, meanwhile, is also excited and scared -- but she's maintaining her sense of humor as her belly grows bigger with a person and a lot of food ... but not the type of food she's dying to chow down.

“I miss Chick-fil-A,” the mom-to-be tells People. “Baby King isn’t a fan of chicken.”

Duggar and Dillon

No word yet on what the gender will be or when Amy is due.

We'll brign you that information as soon as we have it, however. Rest assured.

“I’m over the moon about becoming a momma! I just can’t hardly wait!” concludes to People.

If Amy has any questions about pregnancy these days, she has plenty of places to turn.

Amy Duggar with Her Husband

Kendra Duggar and husband Joseph recently announced that they're expecting their second child.

And then Kendra's sister-in-law Jessa Seewald, is also with child.

The Arkansas native already - who already has son Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2 - is due some time this spring.


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