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Fans of Little People, Big World have seen how happy Amy Roloff is to welcome Isabel Rock to the family.

But with all of this talk of the upcoming wedding, fans can’t help themselves.

Taking to social media, they’re asking Amy directly when she plans to finally marry Chris Marek and welcome him into the family.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, Annual Motorcycle Trip

Amy Roloff is having a wonderful time on the West Coast, where she and boyfriend Chris Marek have been riding motorcycles.

"I look forward to this annual motorcycle trip Chris and I take," Amy writes on Instagram.

She and Chris take many motorcycle rides, but this is a much bigger deal.

For context, she reminds her fans and followers: "he’s been doing it for years and I’m glad I’m a part of it now , 3rd year."

"Our 2nd day and having a blast," Amy adds.

Amy Roloff with Parents

Amy even offered her fans some details on her travel itinerary and progress. 

"Rode the back roads to the coast, stopped in Reedsport, and now just past CoosBay," Amy writes.

Just a word of advice … we don’t recommend offering quite this much detail in real time, especially if you’re a public figure. (Avoid stalkers!)

She continues: "Going to make it to the Redwoods (CA) tonight."

"I love riding w/ this guy," Amy gushes. "Having a blast "

That is so sweet!

Amy Roloff and Chris, On the Road

We weren’t the only ones touched by Amy’s post about having a good time with her boyfriend.

"Enjoy!" comments one fan, who immediately asks: "When is the wedding?"

Well that’s a little forward … but clearly part of a pattern with Amy’s fans.

"R u 2 going 2 get married," asks one follower who still types like it’s 2006.

Another placed the impetus on her boyfriend, demanding: "Put a ring on it Chris."

Others took it a little further, however.

Amy Roloff Rides with Chris Marek

One fan in particular picked up on a pattern in Amy’s captions.

"She keeps saying how long they have been together all the time…." observes one clever follower.

The comment goes on to suggest that this is Amy’s way of leaving "A little hidden hint to Chris."

That is … really smart.

We don’t know that Amy would necessarily choose Instagram as her platform to nudge Chris towards a proposal.

But if she’s pointing out how long the two of them have been together in conversation as much as on social media, maybe he’ll get the message.

Seflie with Chris

Most of Amy’s fans are excited about her romance and eager to see these two tie the knot.

Not everyone is onboard, however, as this comment under her motorcycle post makes clear.

"How are Chris’s anger issues these days, Amy?" one follower asks.

The commenter argues: "On the show, he seemed to get mad at you over every little thing."

"I hope he has his emotions under control," the fan (or possibly supposed fan, or possibly troll) concludes.

While we, too, hope that all grown adults have their emotions under control, we can’t say that we really see Chris as hot-tempered.