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Back on July 5, as you very likely know by now, Amber Portwood was arrested on three charges of felony domestic violence.

Prior to this date and this alleged incident, however, it appears the teen Mom OG star may have known that something explosive was on the way.

Something explosive via her own hand, that is.

Amber Portwood in Therapy

In a sneak peek clip for next Monday night’s brand new episode of Teen Mom OG, Amber breaks down in tears during her therapy session.

And thens he even says the following, presumably of herself and/or her mental status:

It’s like a ticking time bomb.

It’s unclear exactly when this admission was filmed, likely several weeks prior to Amber’s arrest.

As seen in previous installments of the MTV franchise, Portwood recently started welcoming the network cameras inside her therapy sessions.

In one episode, she was nearly in tears while admitting to her therapist that she wishes there was a cure for her mental illness so she can walk outside and be "happy."

Poor Amber Portwood

Portwood also acknowledged a few weeks ago on air that she is "f-ckin nuts."

The polarizing mother of  two, who has never been quiet when it comes to this important topic, has said she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was 17 or 18 years old.

"I got like four different opinions and it was all the same," she told Chyenne Floyd on a July episode of the show, adding at the time:

"And then I had borderline personality disorder, BPD. That stems more from your childhood and things that you went through."

She added in this same discussion:

"Obviously since the day we started this show, I’ve been f-cking nuts, so I mean, come on."

Amber Portwood Breaks Way Down

Amber has acknowledged in the past that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth to her son last summer.

She even thought about killing herself at the time.

Fast forward almost a year exactly and Portwood is accused of throwing a shoe at her boyfriend after the two got into an argument because the family  got stuck in traffic and missed a July Fourth fireworks show.

Glennon told police that he hid in the couple’s bathroom after this, only for Portwood to use a machete and try to break the door down.

Amber has reportedly admitted to the show throw, but denied the use a machete.

Amber Portwood at a Reunion

In the month or so since this arrest, Portwood has been ordered to stay away from Glennon.

She is permitted to see her son, but only under the supervision of a court-approved individual.

The veteran reality star has also seemingly accused Glennon of cheating and, as you can read about below, of being a drunk driver.

Portwood is next due in court on August 22 and, as always, The Hollywood Gossip will keep you well-apprised of the latest happenings and news in regard to this unfortunate scandal.