Amber Portwood Implies Andrew Glennon Cheated on Her, Quickly Deletes Post

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Amber Portwood has spoken out for the first time since her arrest for domestic battery.

But she hasn't proclaimed innocence. Nor has she thanked her fans for their support.

Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon Throwback

Instead, the embattled Teen Mom OG star has seemingly hurled an enormous amount of shade in the direction of her alleged victim, Andrew Glennon.

As you surely must know by now, Portwood is in major trouble with the law.

She's accused of throwing a shoe at Glennon early on the morning of July 5, prior to actually getting a machete and using it to try and break into the bathroom where Glennon ran off to hide with the couple's young son, James.

It's wild and disturbing stuff.

cheating is a choice

Amber, for her part, had not said anything about her arrest or the alleged incident that led up to it...

... until Wednesday afternoon.

“Cheating is a choice not a mistake,” Portwood wrote in a since-deleted post, seemingly implying that Glennon has been cheating on her.

We hope Portwood doesn't think this would be an acceptable excuse to attack Glennon, especially considering he was cradling little James at the time of the reported assault.

Andrew Glennon with Amber

Still, though.... Andrew being unfaithful to his girlfriend would certainly add a fairly big twist to this ugly scandal.

For whatever it's worth, however, Amber's brother, Shawn, has shot down any cheating allegations.

“No. He did not cheat. Get that out of y’alls minds,” Shawn Tweeted back on July 11.

This is the same brother who claims he's seen evidence that his sister is innocent of all charges.

Amber Portwood Breaks Way Down

The timing of Amber's apparent infidelity accusation is interesting to note, though.

It was shared on the same day that Andrew not only demanded full custody of James, but also child support.

In court documents, he went on to request that Amber not be allowed around James without professional supervision.

“Father believes it is in James’ best interests that he be awarded sole legal and primary physical custody,” read these court papers, which Andrew filed on July 9.

Amber Portwood Breaks Way Down

They continue:

“Father believes that it is not currently in James’ best interests for Mother to have unsupervised parenting time.”

It would stand to therefore reason that Portwood would try to discredit her second baby daddy a bit by hinting that he has a wandering and dishonest penis.

Crazy stuff all around.

Amber Portwood Mugshot (2019)

Portwood has been charged with three felonies:

  1. Domestic battery.
  2. Criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon.
  3. Domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old.


As fans recall, she spent 17 months in jail back in 2013 due to a previous assault against ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

And the Winner is?

Following her latest arrest, you tell us: Should Amber Portwood lose custody of her young son? View Poll »

According to an affidavit from the arrest detailing the alleged incident, the Teen Mom OG star allegedly took a handful of pills and “threatened to kill herself” before pulling the aforementioned weapon on him Glennon.

Fans are now debating whether Amber should be fired by MTV and whether she ought to lose custody of James.

Amber has admitted in the past to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and also to suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to James.

James Andrew Glennon at 9 Months

She has a history of violence against Shirly and now, it seems, against Glennon... but Amber’s ex-fiance, Matt Baier (below) is speaking out.

He spoke to TMZ on Wednesday and said she never raised a hand against him.

“We had some legendary arguments but I never had an experience where she went after me with a machete!” Matt told this gossip website, adding:

“So, no, I can’t really relate as far as that goes."

Baier Necessities

Adds Matt:

"I think there’s definitely got to be two sides to this story. I just don’t see Amber Portwood chasing someone around the house with a machete!”

Baier - who Teen Mom viewers know is not exactly prime example of solid parenting - did admit that he’s concerned about Amber and Andrew’s son, however.

“If this happened in front of the baby then that’s horrible,” he said.

“I’ve read so many comments saying that Amber shouldn’t be around the baby and so forth," Baier said, but urged caution:

"The Amber that I know was a wonderful mother, and she would never put her children in harm’s way in any way, shape or form."

Stay tuned.

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