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In June, Thomas Ravenel claimed that Kathryn Dennis had failed a urine test and came up positive for marijuana. He demanded full custody.

Kathryn is fighting him — pointing out that the test results weren’t what he claims.

Now, Thomas is pulling out the big guns — and revealing that he hired a private investigator to stalk his ex for 109 freaking days.

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The Blast has done a great job of keeping us all updated on this nasty, contentious custody battle.

Now, new court documents show that Thomas Ravenel has submitted a declaration of his private investigator.

It is his intention that the results of his lengthy investigation will help his side of the case.

Thomas is now demanding full costody of Kensie, age 5, and Saint, age 3.

He has asked the court to grant Kathryn only supervised visits.

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Court documents reveal that, last year, Thomas hired a company called South Carolina-based company, Surveillance Technologies.

The company was tasked with watching Kathryn from September 9 of 2018 through June 17.

Surveillance Technologies conducted an "investigation” in order to  “observe the activities of Kathryn Calhoun Dennis" at her Mt. Pleasant home.

The investigator shares that they were hired specifically to observe and document Kathryn’s interactions with her children.

If you’re picturing some fatigued Veronica Mars style investigators peeping from a car, think again.

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Apparently, the company installed cameras to keep an eye on Kathryn more unwaveringly than even the most dilligent human could.

What’s more is that the cameras were set up to watch her 24 hours a day.

Kathryn moved during the period during which she was under surveillance.

But that didn’t deter the company that was watching her.

They apparently set up cameras at both residences at which she stayed. Wow.

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So why is accused rapist Thomas Ravenel coming forward now about how he had Kathryn’s privacy invaded as thoroughly as he could?

Because, in June, both parties — who have accused each other of being drug fiends — turned in drug tests.

Kathryn turned in a hair sample, a blood sample, and a urine sample.

The initial urine sample came back positive for marijuana, though the hair sample came back negative.

Notably, statistics show that as many as 10% of all drug test results come back as false positives, which is … not reassuring.

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But Thomas insists that the follow-up urine test cannot be trusted.

Not for the first time, he has alleged that Kathryn purchases "synthetic urine" samples without providing any evidence of this to the public.

Kathryn also tested positive for amphetamines and benzodiazepines, for which she holds prescriptions.

(For the moment, we’ll ignore the issue that marijuana is believed to usually make people better parents rather than worse)

Thomas insists that this is his moment to take custody of the children.

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However, that decision is up to the court.

The judge has yet to rule on Thomas’ demand for full custody.

Presumably, Thomas is hoping that his surveillance footage will show Kathryn neglecting the children, or relying too much on her mother for childcare.

But we don’t yet know what kind of alleged bombshell Thomas believes that he has.