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When news of Matt Lauer’s sexual misconduct went public, many who had spent decades welcoming the Today show anchor into their homes found themselves deeply disgusted … but perhaps not particularly surprised.

After all, Lauer’s career was one of the early casualties of the #MeToo movement, and in December of 2017 it seemed not a day went without some shocking new allegation involving a previously beloved media figure.

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque, Throwback

But for at least one person, the news that Lauer had been fired by NBC for groping and harassing female employees came as a complete and utter shock.

We’re talking, of course, about the former anchor’s long-suffering wife, Annette Roque.

Rumors of Roque divorcing Lauer for his infidelity have been circulating for well over a year now.

And there was a long time when it looked as though the retired Dutch model had forgiven her philandering husband.

Annette Roque Image

But this week, Rouqe finally filed paperwork to end her 20-year marriage.

News of the filing comes to us courtesy of People magazine, who confirmed that the appropriate documents were submitted in Suffolk County, New York on Tuesday.

“The case, which is an uncontested matrimonial, was filed on July 9th in State Supreme Court in Suffolk County, New York and is awaiting judicial review of the agreement,” says Lucian Chalfen, director of public information for the New York State Unified Court System

“Upon a judge’s signature, it will be sent to the court clerk’s office to be entered. The process could take up to a few months.”

Matt Lauer, wife Annette Roque

“The matter has been settled.”

Like Lauer’s scandals, the news of his divorce is both surprising and not entirely unexpected.

While Roque was obviously horrified by the allegations against Lauer, insiders say she was also committed to making the marriage work for the sake of her children.

“He doesn’t want a divorce,” a source told People shortly after the scandal broke.

“Both of them, their first thought is their children.”

Matt Lauer, Pre-Scandal

Interestingly, rumors of infidelity and divorce have hounded Lauer and Roque for well over a decade.

“Have we had a completely perfect, easy marriage? No. But the stories you’ve read over the years are not true,” Lauer scolded the press at the time.

“I don’t think we’re any different than any married couple that’s been together for 12 years. The accusations [of infidelity] are ridiculous and I’m not going to [dignify] them with an answer. It’s not true.”

The fromer couple has three children, ranging in age from 18 to 12.