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Amber Portwood is being falsely accused of wielding a machete and slashing the bathroom door behind which her boyfriend and baby son were cowering.

So claims someone very close to the disgraced Teen Mom OG cast member:

Her very own brother.

Amber Portwood and Family
Photo via Instagram

As you may have read by now, Portwood is in serious trouble with the law.

The reality star was arrested very early on the morning  of July 5 after allegedly getting into a heated argument with live-in lover Andrew Glennon.

According to what Glennon told the Indiana police, Portwood was set off after traffic caused her, Andrew and their child, James, to miss a July Fourth fireworks show.

Amber reportedly blamed Glennon for this situation, eventually hurling a one-inch heeled shoe in his direction …  threatening to kill herself by taking a bunch of pills… and then grabbing the aforementioned sword and using it to try and break into the bathroom after Andrew locked himself inside there with James.

Holy frickin cow, right?!?

You can read more about the allegations here:

Portwood attended a court hearing on July 10 where she was hit with THREE felonies and also ordered to stay away from both Glennon and James.

Will she go to prison? Will she be fired by MTV? Will she lose custody to Andrew, after he filed to permanently have the toddler under his supervision?

These are the questions now being debated by celebrity gossip followers and Teen Mom OG viewers across the nation.

But Shawn Portwood claims we all need to slowo our roll… because his sister did NOT do all the things of which she’s been accused.

"Stay tuned for the surprise ending. Everything’s not always all it’s cracked up to be," Portwood Tweeted late Tuesday evening.

When one individual remarked how the surprise must be that she allegedly used a “flip flop and machete,” Shawn clapped right back.

He remained adamant that his sister is mostly innocent.

“That’s not true at all,” he wrote. “You guys are jumping to conclusions that based off of what one person is said. But there is evidence to prove that she did not do that."

This evidence, if it exists, has not yet been made public.

On the flip side, police records indicate that a police officer on the scene at Andrew and Amber’s home last Friday took photos of the marks left on Andrew’s neck from shoe Portwood threw at home.

These same records state that Amber has admitted to throwing the shoe, but told the cops it barely grazed her boyfriend.

Amber went to jail in 2013 for assaulting ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley, a fact basically referenced by someone who responded to Shawn’s Tweet barrage.

"What’s your evidence? Amber’s word? We all know she’s violent," this person wrote to Shawn, who replied as follows:

If all I had were Amber word I wouldn’t say nothing.

I’m not saying I don’t trust her but I don’t go based off of word. I go based off of facts and evidence. And right now the evidence that I know of does not indicate anything about what was said she did.

Intriguing, right?

We’re not about to speculate too much here because this whole thing is too sensitive.

There’s a one-year old child right smack dab in the middle it, let’s remember.

We’ve been trying to stick solely thus far to what the police have said and what the legal system has ruled and we’ll continue to update fans on the status of Amber; her custody; and her freedom as news breaks.