Ricky Reyes: 90 Day Fiance Alum's Wife Files for Divorce, Protective Order

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Earlier this year, Ricky Reyes was hospitalized during a mental health crisis. Well wishes poured in from all across the 90 Day Fiance fandom.

Now, Ricky's wife -- the one he hid from TLC before going on the show -- has filed for divorce. He is accused of family violence.

Ricky has spent months viciously burning bridges with friends and fans. Right now, nobody's in his corner.

Ricky Reyes Shames Stars Who Beg for Cash

When Ricky first appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, fans feared that he was being catfished.

But that wasn't the case -- the beautiful Melissa turned out to be a very real person.

And ... so was Ximena, whom Ricky was also trying to date as a sort of backup. He even proposed to her.

But all of that was for nothing, because Ricky already had a wife, Natalia.

As you can see in documents shared by 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates, on June 17, Natalia filed for divorce.

Even more seriously, she filed for a protective order to prevent Ricky from seeing their young daughter, Kira.

Ricky Reyes divorce filing

Ricky did not enjoy seeing this shared online, and angrily wrote: "Yates shut your crack head meth ugly ass up."

"Probably how ur crackhead cat died," Ricky cruelly accused. John Yates' cat, Prue, passed away several weeks ago.

"This is called default judgment," Ricky insisted. "Because I did not have an attorney."

"I don’t GFM for this s--t like your meth head ass," he added, referring to his dislike of GoFundMe drives. "Know the facts first."

"Now," Ricky wrote on another post. "I have an attorney to fight for my kid."

Ricky Reyes is Back

Ricky has been whining for some time about allegedly being cut off from seeing Kira.

On June 18, Ricky posted: "5 weeks without seeing her … , unbelievable."

Then, on July 1, he remarked: "Week 8 / nothing …. unbelievable. I pray God can answer my prayers."

Ricky's post continued: "and let her know that I love her, hopefully she can feel it at least spiritually. #fightforyourdaughter"

On July 22, Ricky wrote: "You are heartless to do this. I miss her so damn much."

"I try my best to keep all my emotions in this little box in my mind and lock it away," he added.

"But," Ricky concluded. "Sometimes the box opens a little and that little fills my heart with tears and pain."

Ricky Reyes, 90 Day Fiance

Now, Ricky continues to insist that the ruling in late June was a default judgment ... because he was not in court.

(Not sure how this is supposed to be better than him going there and losing in person)

Ricky says that he did not have an attorney at the time.

Since then, he has secured a lawyer.

That attorney has now filed a motion to vacate the default judgment so that Ricky can make his case.

Ricky Reyes Hospitalized

As we mentioned, Ricky's mental health crisis earlier this year earned him a great deal of sympathy.

But for some reason he has sought to squander that, alarming castmates and friends with his shady behavior.

Let's be honest -- long before he blocked John Yates out of the blue or started taking cheap shots at 90 Day Fiance stars, Ricky was trouble.

He played two different women while he was still married, even proposing to one of them after humiliating her.

Why? Ricky just wanted to be famous to raise attention for his very own production company.

Shady is as shady does, folks. We hope that Natalia and Kira remain safe during this legal battle.

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