Ricky Reyes: 90 Day Fiance Star Hospitalized Over Mental Health Crisis

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Ricky Reyes has been struggling.

This is more serious than Ricky's on-screen controversy or his off-screen feud with Mohamed Jbali.

Last week, his mental health took a dowward turn and he was hospitalized.

Ricky Reyes Hospitalized

Over the weekend, 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates had some heavy news to impart upon fans, and a photo to share as proof.

"Ok so here it goes," the post begins. "@ricardo.a.reyes.94 wasn’t feeling great mentally on Wednesday."

The somber post continues: "and decided to be proactive thank God and seek mental help voluntarily."

"He’s in good hands at a hospital," Yates assured followers.

He notes that Ricky is at a hospital "where he has access to his phone three times a day."

"So," the post explains. "That’s how he’s been on IG."

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"I’m posting this cause Ricky’s like a brother to me at this point," Yates shares.

Ricky may have been controversial on the show itself, but he has endeared himself to many on social media.

Adding a personal note, he writes: "And this subject hits a little too close to home with me because of my mother so I usually avoid this."

"But," Yates explains. "Ricky wanted to bring awareness to it."

He adds: "and also let everyone know that he is overwhelmed by the support he’s been getting and to keep it coming."

Ricky Reyes Weight Loss

"I’m sure he’ll be on in a little bit to answer questions," Yates expresses.

"And," he concludes. "Everything I said was at his request including the picture."

As we mentioned, Ricky was controversial among 90 Day Fiance fans.

Breaking Ximena's heart on television was hard to watch.

But everyone is rallying around him -- and he appreciates the moral support.

And there's good news:

Ricky Reyes is Back

Late Sunday night, Ricky posted a selfie from a gym -- and an update.

"Right back at it," Ricky writes.

He emphasizes the importance of "consistency" in his recent health journey.

"And," Ricky expresses. "I cannot even tell you how much you guys inspire and motivate me."

Ricky also shared a brief glimpse of himself with his mother, further illustrating that he has a solid support system.

Ricky Reyes Sobriety

Last week, perhaps shortly before he checked himself into the hospital, Ricky gave fans a cheerful update.

"Almost 3 weeks no alcohol, 5 weeks without cigarettes, eating clean and exercising .... and it’s time to talk," he wrote.

"I should’ve have done this years ago," he expressed. "I can’t believe how life is so vibrant and colorful now."

"I can’t even explain it.... like for no reason I’ve been smiling lately," he gushed. "And I feel younger ( as crazy as that sounds)."

"My lungs feel amazing as well," Ricky added. "I can’t believe how much I was depriving this body of. It’s insane."

Ricky on 90 Day Fiance

Ricky's happy post continued.

"So far still motivated," he shared. "And not really any bumps in this journey as of yet, however it is still very early."

"Anyhow a quick report card," Ricky wrote. "Will do another one end of this month."

We look forward to that next "report."

In the mean time, we hope that fans and Ricky himself do not look at his hospitalization as a failure.

It is a success. He looked out for his health and took a very necessary step to secure it.

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