Ricky Reyes Shames Other 90 Day Fiance Stars: Don't Beg for Cash!

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After the way that he broke Ximena's heart just to become famous, you'd think that Ricky Reyes would have crawled back into his hole.

Instead, the 90 Day Fiance villain has decided that he should tell other stars how to act and how to make money.

And he is even taking aim at Ashley Martson, shaming her for raising funds after her kidney failure and hospitalization.

Ricky Reyes Shames Stars Who Beg for Cash

Ricky Reyes stirred up controversy on social media and then made a video to double down on his polarizing words.

"Listen. I put a comment on a 90 Day Fiance page," Ricky says in a video that he posted to Instagram.

"And," he continues. "I’ve been getting a lot of s–t and it’s been blowing up my DMs."

People already consider Ricky to be bad news, so his disparaging remarks about 90 Day Fiance stars crowdfunding did not go well.

"Basically what I’m talking about is the GoFundMe," Ricky clarifies.

It is clear that he hopes that saying this will settle the matter. It does not.

Ricky Reyes is a Creep

"I don’t care if somebody likes me or not," Ricky claims.

That is good.

After seeing him travel to Columbia to meet two different women who did not know each other, very few people like him.

"But if you’re part of the 90 Day Fiance show," Ricky insists. "If you have some issues financially ..."

He does at least acknowledge: "I understand TLC don’t pay s--t, it’s true."

We have discussed how little 90 Day Fiance stars are paid in the past.

Ricky Reyes, 90 Day Fiance

"But if you have some issues financially, medically, or whatever is the f–king reason," Ricky continues.

He asserts: "you got three million people that watch the show."

90 Day Fiance, despite the scraps that stars are paid, is a tremendously successful reality series.

"Offer a product or offer a service," Ricky demands.

He says that 90 Day Fiance stars should "Simply say, ‘Listen, I’m gonna charge a premium because I need it for this and that.’"

Ricky on 90 Day Fiance

"Don’t f–king beg," he admonishes 90 Day Fiance stars who have created GoFundMe pages.

"GoFundMe was designed for real people," Ricky insists. "Actual real victims that are not on TV."

Since when are the stars fake. Also where on GoFundMe's T&S page does it say that users can't be on television?

"You have three million f--king people that see your face," Ricky expresses.

He concludes, demanding that people: "Think"

Ashley Martson in the Hospital

Ashley Martson created a GoFundMe page to raise money after she was hospitalized with kidney failure related to her lupus.

Larissa Lima created a GoFundMe page after her split with Colt Johnson after a scary fight left her penniless in a foreign land.

Steven Frend created a GoFundMe in order to supplement his income so that he can bring his wife and child over to America sooner.

Danielle Mullins Jbali created a GoFundMe to save her home after her hours were cut back at work.

Paul Staehle and Karine have always been open about financial struggles, and created a GoFundMe so fans could help.

To Ricky, apparently this is all too much.

Danielle Mullins, No Glasses Selfie

Obviously, GoFundMe exists largely to address the lack of public safety net in American society.

A huge percentage of the service's pages are for basic healthcare costs, because we're living in a dystopia.

But the crowdfunding site can be used to address all sorts of needs.

Sometimes, securing a social media advertising deal takes time.

And we should mention that people with K-1 visas but no Green Card cannot legally be paid for work done in the US.

Maybe Ricky's real issue is that he knows that he doesn't have as many fans and he's resentful.

Grow up, dude.

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