Prince Harry to Meghan Markle: Get Therapy Before You LOSE IT!

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have it all -- the royal titles, the bouncing baby boy without a royal title, the quaint, whimsically-named cottage far from the prying eyes of the London tabloid media.

But they're also under far more pressure than most new parents, and we're sure at times, it can all get to be a bit much.

Pondering Life Choices

These days, it seems that for every peasant deferentially bowing his head in your presence there's some blowhard tweeting about your violations of royal protocol.

Usually, the Royals support one another in the face of criticism, but -- partially as a result of her feud with Kate Middleton -- Meg hasn't always been able to rely on her in-laws.

And with the exception of mother Doria Ragland, her stateside family hasn't been much help, either.

In fact, sister Samantha Markle seems to have devoted her life to destroying Meghan's reputation.

Into the Woods

So perhaps it's no surprise that all of the various pressures of duchess-dom are beginning to get to Meghan.

And according to a new report from Radar Online, Harry is begging Meghan to take action in order to protect her mental health.

“Between the new parent exhaustion, the feud with Will and Kate, the royal expectations, her crazy family and everything else Harry is ready to blow – and Meghan isn’t far behind him,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“He’s credited therapy for saving him in the past and he thinks he and Meghan need it now before it’s too late,” the insider adds.

Meg and Har

We take issue with this report for one big reason -- namely, the fact that Meghan is probably already in some sort of therapy.

It's 2019, she's a savvy woman of the world with a whole lot on her plate, and the stigma surrounding mental health counseling has been greatly diminished in recent years.

Even if she's not currently in therapy, we doubt that Meg is resistant to the idea to the point that Harry would need to coax her into it.

A separate "insider" claims the therapy debate isn't the only source of tension between Meghan and Harry these days, as she's still finding it difficult to abide by the frivolous rules of royal decorum and conduct.

Ogling Her Prince

“Meghan feels that the rules and regulations in connection with royal protocol are antiquated to forward-thinking millennials,” says the second source.

“Meghan and Harry respect tradition but want the freedom to do their own work and promote their causes without being held back by any constraints.

Again, we have our doubts about the veracity of these claims -- but we hope they're true, if only because we like to imagine Meghan telling the Queen that royal protocol just isn't hip with millennials.

The scowl on QE2's face would be felt in every corner of the British Empire.

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