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Meghan Markle once starred on the USA Network legal drama Suits.

Which now seems more apt than ever…

… because the beautiful Duchess of Sussex has made it clear of late that she’ll act in whatever way best suits her and she doesn’t really care what her famous family members think about it!

Royally Great

As previously reported, Markle has publicly scoffed at a multitude of Royal traditions ever since marrying Prince Harry in May.

In July, for example, she dared to show off her bare shoulders while at an official event, while also holding her husband’s hand.

Long-time observers and fans of the Royal Family really need to get a new hobby and some kind of life were aghast at this breach of protocol.

Moreover, many Royals themselves have allegedly been pissed at Markle. They’re constantly worried that she will embarrass Her Majesty and/or others close to The Crown via her disrespectful actions.

And that’s exactly what some think she has now done!

In Sussex

On Wednesday, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent some time in Sussex itself, visiting with kids from the Westbourne House School and lookng as happy and as in love as ever.

But that was part of the problem, according to some.

Royal Couples are not really supposed to show a great deal of affection in public.

Just think: When was the last time Prince William really laid one on Kate Middleton in front of strangers.

The other controversy brewing as a result of this trip to Sussex centers on Meghan’s attire.

Meghan Markle Breaks Tradition

As you can see in the lovely images above, Markle donned a leather skirt for the occasion.

Yes, it went down to her knees, but it still radiated seduction and sex appeal, which is a major no-no within the confines of the Palace and the rules set up generations ago by some old King and Queen.

Then there’s the issue of Markle’s hair.

In this case, folks aren’t looking at it and assuming Markle is pregnant as a result.

They are looking at it and shaking their irritated heads over how the bun is all messed up.

Meghan Markle with Straight Hair

“They are not afraid to hold hands. They don’t mind showing their emotions,” veteran royal photographer, Mark Stewart, previously told People Magazine, while former palace spokesman, Dickie Arbiter, says none of this ought to be a big deal.

"Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands at a royal engagement is a refreshingly modern approach to their new role both as a couple and as representatives of the royal family," he says.

That makes sense to us.

Or as much sense as anything can make within this really weird, antiquated and wealthy world.