Meri Brown is Getting Destroyed for Trying to Profit Off a Wildfire

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Meri Brown is under major fire at the moment for... well... trying to profit off a fire.

A major, dangerous, significant fire, we should emphasize.

Confused? We would be, too, based on that introduction. Scroll down and we'll explain.

Meri Brown Outside

Late last week, a wildfire broke out near Flagstaff, Arizona, which is where the Sister Wives star and her colleagues now reside.

Way back on Sunday, July 21, Brown posted a video on her Instagram Story about attempting to get her errands done because a wildfire was raging and she was in a major rush as a result.

“Super efficient and getting lots done today until this forest fire started only about 15 miles from me,” she wrote online, adding:

“Don’t worry, I’m already freaking out … No seriously, I really am!"

On its own, this reaction would not have generated much backlash.

However, the veteran TLC personality went on to shove her foot very far up her overly talkative social media mouth.

Meri in Disney

On Tuesday, July 23, Brown said she received a "pre-evac notice," adding: "Getting all valuables out! Oh, the stress!"

Okay, great. Again: fair enough so far, right?

But then Brown directed her followers to check out her website for LuLaRoe clothes because she wanted to sell them rather than store all of them away, which is what has prompted social media users to decry Meri for trying to make money off a tragedy.

“I’m shipping today, or it’s going in boxes into storage far away from the fire! … Since I’m boxing stuff up and moving it out anyway, I’d rather ship my inventory to you!” she wrote, actually adding:

“Clear my shop fire sale."

Yes, Brown was having a fire sale. Get it?!?

Ouch, Meri.

Meri Brown on Her Gram

The negative reaction to Brown's post came quickly and swiftly.

"So tacky of her to use a natural disaster to peddle her mlm leggings,” one reddit user wrote, while another fan responded:

“OMG I just jokingly commented that she should do a fire sale but she actually did. That’s awful.”

And another person added:

“She is 100 percent using this fire as an excuse to do some sort of flash sale on her crap. I’ve been somewhat more positive on Meri lately but this just killed it for me."

Meri Brown in Disney

On July 24, Brown told followers that she was permitted to return home, but the wildfire in question had spread to over 2,000 acres in Arizona.

We're glad she's safe, but we really wish she had been more sensitive the damage that had been done and the lives that had been changed or even lost as a result of the disaster.

In other news:

Meri appears to be dating a new man, signaling that she may be done with Kody Brown for good.

She also appears to hate pretty much her entire Sister Wives existence and, really, can anyone blame her if this is truly the case?

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