Jon Gosselin Hits the Beach with Collin for Sweet Family Vacation

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Summer is in full swing and the time is ripe for the obligatory family beach photos that pop up on social media every year.

Even Jon Gosselin managed to stop sniping at Kate long enough to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Over the weekend Jon shared some pics of his Delaware vacation with girlfriend Colleen Conrad and two of his eight kids, Collin and Hannah.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad Beach Hot Tub

The gang seems to be having a blast.

In one loving photo, Jon, Collin, and Colleen are beaming as they chill in a makeshift hot tub in the sand.

"Amazing day on the beach in Delaware with Collin and Colleen!!!" Jon captioned.

"Collin made a hot tub for all of us!!!" he added.

Jon Gosselin Beach Pic Caption

Apparently it was 15-year-old Collin's idea to get creative and set up the hot tub for his family.

A seperate post from Colleen mentions that Collin's friend Ray helped out with the project as well.

Honestly, it seems like a lot of effort to dig big hole, line it with a tarp and dump a bunch of water in it, when you're already at the beach.

But whatever, way to go Collin! Missing from the photo is Jon's daughter, but not to worry.

"Hannah is with her friends nearby!" Jon says in the caption. So wait, exactly how many extra friends came along for this family vacation? 

Apparently at this point Jon is just used to be totally beseiged by children.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad Date Night

Then again, maybe there's some strategy at work here.

It looks like the big squad of kids were able to entertain each other long enough for Jon to get away and enjoy some alone time with Colleen.

The couple seemed to enjoy a sweet date night on Friday, posting a couple shots from their night out.

Jon Gosselin Purple Parrot Caption

"Having Couple Time at the Purple Parrot in Rehobeth, DE!!!" Jon exclaimed, "Amazing time!!!"

Indeed, the couple are grinning from ear to ear, and look to be having a lovely night.

"It's karaoke time, 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,'" Jon added, conspicuously forgetting to include his three exclamation points.

Oh how we wish he'd shared a little of that performance with us too.

Jon Gosselin + Colleen Conrad 4 Ever

Jon shared another image from the night of a tabletop he so romantically defaced with a confession of love for Colleen.

"Jon G + Colleen C," he wrote in black ink, surrounded by a heart with an arrow through it.

"I know it's very High School but it's forerver," Jon captioned with the post, adding, "Love her!!!"

Sure, it's a little tacky to go around marking up other people's property, even in the name of love.

But it looks like a bunch of other couples beat him to the punch, and at least he didn't carve the message in with a knife.

Jon Gosselin It's High School Caption

Colleen got in on the Instagram action too, sharing her own selfie from date night.

She and Jon look ecstatic in each other's company, standing cheek to cheek amidst a crowd of partygoers.

It looks like the two are deeply in love, and we are here for it.

Jon Gosselin Colleen Conrad In The Crowd

It's so refreshing to see this side of Jon Gosselin's life.

Without Kate around for him to battle with, everyone seems so happy, drama-free, and dare we say, normal?

By now, Jon is probably back to his "normal" non-televised job.

But we hope the future holds many more cute vacations for this happy family.

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