Jordyn Woods Speaks Out on Cheating Scandal: It Was All Tristan's Fault!

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It's hard to believe it's been almost six months since the world learned that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with Jordyn Woods.

Of course, while time flies for the rest of us, for Jordyn it probably seems like an eternity has passed since that fateful night.

Jordyn W.

In the months since Jordyn and Tristan's tryst, Woods has essentially been cast out of paradise.

Being besties with the world's youngest "self-made" billionaire is a pretty sweet gig, and it looks like it might be a very long time before Jordyn is able to get back into Kylie Jenner's good graces. 

In the meantime, it seems Jordyn is trying to speed up the process by making her case publicly.

The 21-year-old covers the new issue of Cosmo UK, and inside the mag, she gives her most candid interview yet about the scandal that ended her friendship with the Kar-Jenner clan:

Jordyn Woods on Insta

Asked why she waited so long to speak out in her own defense, Jordyn says it was a matter of self-preservation:

"I just need[ed] some time by myself to try to understand what [was] happening, why it [was] happening, and how am I going to react to this internally, you know?" she tells the magazine.

"How can I make things right with myself, with God and with my relationships?" Woods adds.

"It took some time off in order for me to have a level head on how I should react."

Jordyn Woods With Kylie Jenner

As for The Event itself, Jordyn says she did not sleep with Thompson, as was originally reported.

She admits, however, that the two of them kissed -- and hastens to add that she felt guilty immediately afterward:

Woods says she "was in shock" following the kiss, and she remembers thinking, "That didn't just happen."

Contrary to reports that she and Thompson carried on an affair, Woods says she left as soon as possible after Thompson's unwanted advance.

Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner, and Stormi Webster

"I didn't know how to feel... I [told him] ‘I need to go,'" she tells Cosmo.

"I was leaving already so I walked out immediately. I got in the car. I was in shock."

Obviously, Woods latest remarks depict the incident in an entirely new light.

Will Kylie and company believe her when she claims that the whole thing was Tristan's fault.

Jordyn Woods on Red Table Talk

And if so, will that help her to earn their forgiveness?

If events unfolded as she claims, then she really didn't do anything wrong.

Of course, if she didn't do anything wrong, why didn't she share her side with the public six months ago.

Questions abound, and no doubt the biggest one on Jordyn's mind is -- can she ever be forgiven?

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