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Tuesday afternoon bore witness to one of the more unexpected celebrity gossip stories of the year, as the world learned that Khloe Kardashian’s baby Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on the reality star yet again.

And this time, his partner in crime was no random NBA groupie.

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No, this time, Tristan cheated with Jordyn Woods, longtime BFF of Khloe’s youngest sister, Kylie Jenner.

For Tristan, the fallout was swift and harsh, and insiders say his relationship with Khloe is now officially over.

But believe it or not, Jordyn might have far more to lose.

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Sources say she was living in Kylie’s guesthouse at the time of her epic act of self-sabotage.

Not surprisingly, it’s now being reported that Jordyn has been kicked out by Kylie and is currently holed up in a hotel.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan was aware of Jordyn’s betrayal several days before TMZ broke the news to the public.

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And it seems that at first, Woods was cavalier in her attitude toward the situation.

"I could love you and still cut you [the f-ck] off," Jordyn tweeted.

Now, however, it seems the 21-year-old is singing a different tune.

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Insiders say Khloe confronted Jordyn about the rumors after word got back to her from several attendees at the party where Jordyn and Tristan hooked up.

“She needed to find out the truth,” a source tells Radar Online.

“Khloe hears so many rumors about Tristan’s cheating — she wanted to know what had happened.”

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It seems Jordyn tried to wriggle out of the situation by relying on a common excuse.

As Jamie Foxx and T-Pain so memorably counseled over a decade ago, she blamed it on the alcohol.

“She told her she was drunk and doesn’t remember,” the insider claimed.

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No word on whether Jordyn’s tweet about cutting off the haters came before or after her confrontation with Khloe, but whatever the case, it seems she wasn’t quite as bold face-to-face.

Woods is reportedly in damage control mode, but sources say it’s too late for her to salvage her relationship with the Kard clan.

Already, Khloe and all of her sisters have unfollowed Jordyn on social media, which is the 2019 equivalent of the Mafia kiss of death.

In terms of her reputation and earning potential, Jordyn Woods sleeps with the fishes.