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In late June, beloved Dog’s Most Wanted star Beth Chapman passed away. She was only 51 years old.

Despite months of preparation, Duane Chapman was of course unprepared to lose the love of his life.

Now, he’s opening up about how he’s using work to cope with this agonizing loss.

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes
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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman opened up to RadarOnline about his complicated feelings of loss and grief.

"I don’t know what to do," Duane confesses.

The only solution that has come to mind so far is to double his workload in order to stay busy.

"As long as I stay bounty hunting," he explains. "It’s the only thing that keeps my mind off how things are right now."

Duane adds: "I just have to keep working!"

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"Being alone is really bad," Duane expresses.

That is very understandable.

And while he has scores of loved ones, he reveals that he’s not surrounding himself with most of them.

"I sent most of the family home [to Hawaii]," Duane reveals.

"But," he adds. "I have [our two youngest children] Bonnie Jo and Garry boy here."

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Duane would love to be surrounded by family … but he is not yet emotionally prepared for that.

The state where he lived and where Beth died is currently out of bounds as far as he is concerned.

"Hawaii is off limits to my heart at the moment!" Duane reveals.

He can’t bear to set foot there without Beth.

His heartbreak is profoundly understandable to anyone who has ever lost a loved one.

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So how is Duane coping with losing Beth to throat cancer?

Not well, generally speaking.

It sounds like he’s hoping that at least a little bit of time will help make it easier for him to grapple with this terrible loss.

"I’m just taking each day as it comes!" Duane explains.

Sometimes, all that you can do is wait and let your grief handle itself.

Duane and  Beth

Is what Duane is doing healthy?

There’s no one good way to handle the death of a loved one.

Some people immediately go back to their everyday lives and that works for them. Others have to take a break or they’ll break down.

Duane certainly isn’t the first to double down on his workload in an effort to keep himself busy.

So long as he continues to take care of himself and his responsibilities, this sounds like as good of a coping mechanism as any — for now, anyway.

Eventually, though, he will have to learn to live his life again without Beth.

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Beth openly apologized to her fans and loved ones in the months before her passing.

Chemotherapy, she explained, was simply not for her.

She viewed her terminal illness as a test of faith, proving a point — either to her or to those who would survive her.

All along, Duane insisted that he was not prepared to let her die or to live his life without her.

Her last words to him before she stopped being able to breathe were a request that he let her go.