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Last month, Fernanda Flores posted a 44-minute video to explain why she and Jonathan Rivera split. She made it clear that they’ve both moved on.

Jonathan has himself a new girlfriend and has not been shy about their adventures together.

But it turns out that Fernanda’s new venture may be a little less glamorous than the modeling career that many had assumed.

Fernanda Flores, July 4 2019
Photo via Instagram

Fernanda is a gorgeous young model living in Chicago, she’s newly divorced, and she even has a boost to her name thanks to 90 Day Fiance fame.

The world is her oyster, right?

Maybe not. Earlier this week, reports began to circulate that Fernanda was spotted waitressing in Chicago.

While it’s true that many bartenders and waitresses are hired in part for their looks, it’s definitely not the same as being a model.

Now, the tales of her employment have been confirmed.

An eagle-eyed fan spotted Fernanda and was actually served by her at The Shore Club in Chicago.

This was on July 4 — the day on which Fernanda posted a photo of herself in red and blue beside a massive beach ball.

The fan contacted 90 Day Fiance blogger and unsung hero John Yates and even DMed him some photos, which he shared to Instagram.

That looks like Fernanda to us.

What’s more is that the fan even volunteered an assessment of what Fernanda was like.

"I don’t think she was thrilled I was taking pictures," the fan confesses to John Yates.

"But I was drunk," the fan explains. "And had to prove it to my friends."

For the record, taking photos of a public figure — like a reality star — is not the same as Alex From Target-ing someone. Still, please be respectful.

The fan had nothing but nice things to say about Fernanda.

"Even more gorgeous in person," the fan assesses. "And was working her ass off!"

Fernanda Flores Celebrates Immigration Triumph
Photo via Instagram

Fernanda didn’t come to America for the American dream, strictly speaking. She came here for love.

(People love to accuse her of being a golddigger, but even Jonathan has dismissed those accusations)

She lost that love, and now she’s living … well, not the American dream, but the reality of American life.

Being a waitress or a bartender or working in food services in any capacity is hard.

Customers, as a group, are the worst people on earth.

Anyone willing to look them in their soulless eyes and smile is courageous and a dedicated worker.

Fernanda Flores in White
Photo via Instagram

Good for Fernanda for finding gainful employment, particularly in an economy in which one job is so rarely enough to keep you afloat.

Her primary goal, we’re sure, is to be able to pay her bills and continue to live her life. That’s how jobs work.

But this will also go a long way towards showing people that she didn’t come to the US to lounge around like a princess.

We’re sure that she’s still modeling — she’s too gorgeous to not be modeling, really.

But if she needs a steadier income to keep a roof over her head or to keep her bills paid, she chose a fine line of work.

Congratulations on the new job, Fernanda. Other 90 Day Fiance stars have done far worse.