Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Has Destroyed My Entire World!

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We cannot say for certain whether or not Andrew Glennon has been cheating on Amber Portwood.

New allegations against Glennon have surfaced in recent days, as the reality star battles his estranged girlfriend in court following her arrest for domestic violence.

We can, however, say the following about Glennon:

Andrew Glennon and His Son

He has no regrets at the moment.

This doesn't mean Glennon is happy; quite the opposite, in fact.

But he just made it clear, via a few fresh social media messages, that he can at least look in the mirror right now and feel pretty good about himself and how he's been acting.

We wonder if Portwood can say the same.

"Nothing better in the world than a clean conscience," Glennon shared yesterday on Instagram, adding as a caption "Except baby James."

He included this graphic (below) on the same day he appeared in court opposite Portwood to argue the matter of custody.

clean conscience

As previously detailed on The Hollywood Gossip, Portwood learned during this July 25 hearing that she is no longer legally banned from seeing her 14-month old child.

She must be supervised by an official at all times she's with him, however. At least for the foreseeable future.

A no-contact order also remains in place when it comes to Andrew, meaning these significant others won't be hanging out any time soon.

It doesn't sound as if they would want to, anyway, regardless of what a judge determined.

Because Portwood allegedly wielded a machete as part of an assault against Glennon back on July  5 that also included a shoe being thrown at his head?


Silly Andrew Glennon

But also because Glennon may be texting a mystery woman about meeting up and possibly being intimate with each other.

And also because Amber seems to think he was sleeping with someone behind her back.

This would be no excuse for physically attacking Glennon, of course, but it would shed a bit of light on Amber's mindset and motivation at the time of the incident.

Just consider what Portwood posted (and then deleted) on Instagram shortly after her arrest:

Why Do We Say This?

She later came out and said she was heartbroken, presumably about reports of Glennon texting the aforementioned female.

While responding to fans on Instagram last night, Andrew said he's "already" forgiven his longtime lover for her assault, yet  also insisted they've found themselves in this position before.

Meaning she went after him in similar fashion before? We're not certain.

"Wasn't the first time, just the worst time," he wrote online, leaving this statement open to interpretation. "It's been a long road of trying to heal."

Last summer, after giving birth to James, Portwood admitted to having suffered through postpartum depression, even confessing to suicidal thoughts at the time.

Andrew Glennon, Up Close

The Teen Mom veteran even said she thought about hanging herself one night... but that Glennon basically saved her life by realizing something was wrong and refusing to leave Amber's side.

How awful, right?

Despite having been there for Portwood in major ways such as what we just described above, Glennon has still been accused by Amber stans of making up details of the attack.

Some folks out there seem to think Amber is the victim here for some reason.

What does Glennon have to say in response?

Amber and Andrew

"Yes, you are right, my plan was to destroy everything that I loved in my world, correction, my ENTIRE world," he replied to these charges, emphasizing his sarcasm as strongly as possible.

And  when some followers advised against airing his dirty laundry in public, Andrew had the following to say:

"I'm not shading anyone at all. Would you disagree with what I wrote? I'm sure Amber's conscience is perfectly clean. Don't read into it too much, I just don't like being called a cheater when I'm not.

"If I cheated you wouldn't hear a peep from me, but I'm just not that species of animal so... conscience clean."

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